Supreme Court bans use of bulls in sports

The Supreme Court put a ban on the use of bulls and bullocks in sports. These animals have been used in sports like Jallikattu (traditional bull fight of Tamil Nadu) and bullock-cart race (Maharashtra) for centuries. The court banned use of bullocks and bulls in these events on the ground that it amounted to cruelty against animals. Key observations of the Supreme Court:

  • Bulls cannot be used as performing animals, either for the Jallikattu events or bullock-cart races in the States of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra or elsewhere in the country.
  • The Animal Welfare Board is permitted to take disciplinary action against defaulters.
  • Parliament recommended raising rights of animals to that of “constitutional rights” to ensure observance of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act 1960. 
  • As per PCA Act Section 3 and Section 11(1)(m), it is an offence against a person who incites any animal to fight with a view to provide entertainment.



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