12th Five Year Plan: Growth target 9%

  • Recently, it was made clear that Planning Commission will aim to achieve an average economic growth of 9% over the Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-17).
  • The plan will primarily maintain the agenda of inclusive growth of the ongoing 11th plan with social sectors such as health, education, skill development and infrastructure getting primary attention and major chunk of the resources.
  • Please note that the ongoing eleventh plan had also aimed at a 9% average GDP growth in the five years, but it is likely to end with only 8.2%. The growth in agriculture in the current plan is expected to be 3.3%, which the plan panel wants to step up to 4% in the coming plan.
  • However, the plan is likely to have access to marginally lower resources as percentage of GDP in the twelfth plan compared to the ongoing 11th plan (2007-12).



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