10 more Wet lands declared Ramsar Sites: Maharashtra gets its first Ramsar site

On January 28, 2020, the Union Ministry declared that Ramsar Convention had added 10 more sites from India. Today, there are 37 Ramsar sites in the country.


Among the 10 sites, Maharashtra (Nadur Madhameshwar) gets its first Ramsar site. The other wetlands sites include one in Uttar Pradesh and 3 in Punjab (Beas Conservation Reserve, Keshoupur-Miani and Nangal).

Wetland Restoration

In the past 6 months, the ministry of Environment prepared four pronged strategies for restoration of wetlands. It includes wetland health cards, preparing a baseline data, preparing targeted Integrated Management and enlisting wetland mitras.


It is important to conserve wetlands for water, food, groundwater recharge, fibre, water purification, erosion control, flood moderation and climate regulation. Wetlands are the major source of fresh water. They help to soak rain water and recharge ground water.

Conserving Wet Lands will also help in achieving Nal Se Jal scheme. The scheme aims to provide water connection to every house hold by 2024.




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