10 GK & Current Affairs Questions about Ship Breaking Industry

Ship breaking refers to the process of dismantling of ships at the end of their life (25 to 30 years). The ship is broken apart into parts or scraps for recycling and is considered to be one of the most dangerous industries in the world. Here are 10 current affairs questions on Ship breaking industry for various examinations.

What is ship breaking?

Ans: Process of ship demolition.

Note: Ship breaking is a process of demolition of ships for either a source of parts which can be sold for re-use.

What is the average life of a modern ship?

Ans: 25-30 years.

Note: The average life of modern ship is 25-30 years after which their demolition process is carried out.

Where is the largest ship-breaking facility situated?

Ans: Alang.

Note:  Alang, Gujarat is known as the world’s largest “ship graveyard”.

What is the total share of India in the demolished ships worldwide as per the recent data?

Ans: 30%.

Note: As of January, 2020, India has the largest share in the world in demolished ships which counts around 30%.

During the demolition process, which metal is removed to be recycled?

Ans: Steel.

Note: During the process of demolition of ships, steel is removed to be recycled to make new products.

Which countries are largest sources of ships in the world?

Ans: China, Greece and Germany.

Note: The largest sources of ships in the world are China, Greece and Germany.

What is the total %age of steel recovered from ship-breaking?

Ans: 10%.

Note: The steel recovered from the process of ship-breaking counts to almost 10%.

What is the alternative of ship-breaking processs?

Ans: Sinking the ships.

Note: The alternative of ship breaking is that ships may be sunk in the deep ocean for their disposal.

Name the active ship-breaker’s union in India.


Note: The Mumbai port Dock and General Employees’ Union is the only active ship-breaker’s Union in India which strikes to ensure fatality compensation.

Name the longest ship that was demolished at Alang, Gujarat.

Ans: Seawise Giant.

Note: Seawise Giant, the longest ship ever built, was demolished at Alang, Gujarat in 2009.


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