Only 1% of students opt for research Programmes: UGC

As per the higher education figures released by the University Grants Commission (UGC), in 2011-12 only 1% of students enrolled for research programmes as compared to 86% who received graduation degree in 2012. As per statistics, just 12% received post graduation degree and only 1% went for PhD degrees. Diploma and certificate holders also constituted just 1%.

Key Statistical findings:

Out of the total PhD degrees awarded in 2010-11

  • 5,232 (32.5%) received it for research in Science subjects. Science included ayurveda, dentistry, homoeopathy, nursing, pharmacy, public health or social preventive medicine, unani, tibiya, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and siddha.
  • 5,037 (31.3%) for arts subjects including humanities, social sciences and languages.
  • Engineering and Technology subjects were the next most popular field for pursuing research, with 10% completing it.
  • Medicine, Agriculture and Law had about 3% of the total research degree holders.
  • Library and information sciences, fine arts, journalism and mass communication, physical education and social work, comprised the remaining 4% degree awardees.