Current Affairs August 2010 : Quiz 8

1.Recently some western researchers claimed that ‘superbug’ NDM-1 is found only in Pakistanis, Indians and the persons who visited to these countries. What is the ‘superbug’ NDM-1?
(A) A Worm found in the intestine of human being,
(B) A virus infecting human cells and causing organ failure leading to death,
(C) A bacterium is resistant to almost all-known antibiotics and causes gastric problems and multiple organ failure, leading to death,
(D) A bug which attacks computer hardware and also causes fungal diseases to humans,
(E) None of the above

2.Recently we saw protests/demonstrations in the state of Jammu and Kashmir which led to the killing of many youths, demanding the removal of AFSPA? What is the full form of AFSPA?
(A) Air Force Special protection Area,
(B) Armed Forces Special Power Act,
(C) Armed Forces Special Protection Act,
(D) Armed Forces Special Planning Act,
(E) None of the above

3.Which of the following is/are wrong about the Jammu and Kashmir?
(A) Only Indian state having its own flag,
(B) Indians from other states cannot purchase land or property in the state,
(C) It has own constitution,
(D) Jammu and Kashmir Assembly is the only state in India to have a 6 year as against the 5 year term followed in every other state’s Assembly,
(E) AFSPA is enacted only in Jammu & Kashmir.

4.The Centre has given approval to a first time scheme for promotion of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in micro, small & medium enterprises (MSME) sector, through identification of 100 existing clusters across the country. An engineering cluster of these are proposed to be created. Where is the proposed city/town?
(A) Delhi,
(B) Lucknow,
(C) Hyderabad,
(D) Mumbai
(E) Bhopal.

5. India has threatened to shut BlackBerry services from Aug 31 if it is not allowed access to BlackBerry enterprise communications and BlackBerry Messenger for security concerns. Two other countries also gave ultimatums. What are these two other countries?
(A) Pakistan and Bangladesh,
(B) China and Canada,
(C) Dubai and Egypt,
(D) Saudi and UAE,
(E) Indonesia and Iran.

6.Blackberry Enterprise Communication is developed by a Canadian based company. Which one is the following?
(A) Accenture
(B) Nanak Creations Inc
(C) Deloitte & Touche LLP
(D) Research In Motion (RIM),
(E) Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

7.India has given permanent recognition to Kotak Mahindra Bank promoted ACE Derivatives and Commodity Exchange as a national level commodity bourse status, ACE Derivatives and Commodity Exchange was formerly known as:
(A) Allahabad Commodity Exchange
(B) Ahmedabad Commodity Exchange,
(C) Andhra Pradesh Commodity Exchange
(D) None of the above

8.How many Commodity Exchanges are there in India at present?
(A) Five,
(B) Four,
(C) Three,
(D) Two,
(E) Six.

9.The Rajya Sabha recently passed the State Bank of India (Amendment) Bill (The Lok Sabha had already passed the Bill). What is the main provision of the Bill?
(A) reduction of government equity to 52 per cent from a minimum of 55 per cent,
(B) reduction of government equity to 53 per cent from a minimum of 55 percent,
(C) reduction of government equity to 50 per cent from a minimum of 55 percent,
(D) reduction of government equity to 51 per cent from a minimum of 55 percent
(E) increase of government equity to 55 per cent from a minimum of 51 percent

10.Some African countries are offering land on lease for 99 years for free to overseas farmers. Industry body ASSOCHAM, Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry is trying to woo the government. What are countries that were in the forefront trying to attract agriculturists?
(A) Sudan and Ethiopia,
(B) Kenya and Lesotho,
(C) South Africa and Zimbabwe
(D) Liberia and Libya
(E) Morocco and Nigeria

11. Nearly 85 per cent of iron ore from India was exported to Chin(A) Which Indian state has banned to iron ore export?
(A) Andhra Pradesh,
(B) Maharashtra,
(C) Karnataka,
(D) Orissa,
(E) Jharkhand

12. Recently one of India’s leading online travel companies, made a dream Listing on the NASDAQ with its American depository receipts gaining as much as 75% on debut. What is the name of the company?
(B) Makemy,
(D) Yatra. com,

13. Usha Thorat , who recently took over the financial inclusion portfolio at the Reserve Bank of India, makes an emphatic case for the
banking-correspondent model to increase financial inclusion, and says the onus is on banks to engage with it more and deliver. Which are the obstacles for Financial Inclusion in India:
(A) Lack of legal identity like voter id , driving license , birth certificates ,employment identity card etc,
(B) lack of basic education prevent people to have access from financial services ,
(C) Low income people,
(D) Lack of awareness about the importance of Finance , Bank Accounts , cheque facility by the people who has basic education,
(E) All of the above

14. Global ratings agency Standard & Poor’s recently raised Tata Motors’ credit ratings to positive citing improved performance by auto maker’s premium brand. Which of the brands are not owned by Tata Motors?
(A) Winger Passenger Mini Bus,
(B) Jaguar ,
(C) Novus
(D) Land Rover
(E) None of the above

15. The U.S Senate approved bills for Visa fee hike of $200 to raise $600 million for emergency funding
to help boosting Mexico US border security. Which types of Visa are affected through?
(A) P1 and L1,
(B) H1 B and L1,
(C) H2 B and O,
(D) F and H1 B,
(E) C1 and D

16. The major concerns against Indian officials for Common Wealth games for which many country’s players including triple Olympic champion sprinter Usian Bolt, tennis player Samantha Stosur, reigning world and European heptathlon champion Ennis, World-class Canadian 100m hurdlers Priscilla Lopes-Schliep and Perdita Felicien, Lleyton Hewitt Australian tennis star etc refuses to play in the event are:
(A) Infrastructure Concerns,
(B) Corruption Charges against officials,
(C) Fear of tough competitors from the host country,
(D) Security concerns,
(E) All of the above except c

17. Michael Fennel is on a two days tour in India Who is he?
(A) Head of the Commonwealth countries,
(B) President of Bosnia,
(C) Commonwealth Games Federation President,
(D) Prime Minister of Costa Rica,
(E) Prime Minister of Finland

18. Recently an Indian Actress has been appointed as the UNICEF national Ambassador for promoting child’s right and adolescence. Who is she?
(A) Kajol,
(B) Preity Zinta,
(C) Sushmita Sen,
(D) Priyanka Chopra,
(E) Rani Mukherjee

19. Who has been recently given the award Businessman of the Decade on behalf of Indo Israeli Chambers of Commerce?
(A) Kiran Majumdar,
(B) Ratan Tata,
(C) Kishore Biyani
(D) Anil Dhirubhai Ambani,
(E) Mukesh Ambani,

20. Which Asian country has announced launching of its first controversial Nuclear Power Plant in the mid September 2010?
(A) South korea,
(B) North korea,
(C) Iraq,
(D) Iran,
(E) Afghanistan.



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    1. Winger passenger Mini Van (as per wikipedia) is a brand of TATA Motors
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    3.Tata Novus is the Tata Motors' first new offering from its acquisition of Daewoo's truck manufacturing unit. Tata Novus is based on the Daewoo Novus truck available in South Korea (In 2004 Tata Motors acquired Daewoo's truck manufacturing unit)