Sales Promotion and Personal Selling

  • Handling objections: – At this stage, customers who are interested in buying the product will raise questions on the price or value of the product, dismiss the product/service as inadequate, avoid making a commitment to buy, or refuse because of an unknown factor. A clever salesperson should be patient, polite and courteous while answering the questions of the prospect. He should clear all doubts and objections without entering into a controversy and without losing his temper. He should convince the customer that he is making the best use of his money by purchasing the product. For this purpose, the salesman should prove the superiority of his product over the competitive products. He should not lose patience if the customer puts too many queries and takes time in arriving at any decision. If the customer does not buy even after meeting rejections, the salesman should let him go without showing temper. He must believe in the universal rule that the customer is always right. Otherwise, he will lose the sale.
  • Closing the sale: – The success in earlier stages will lead to the last stage of closing the sale and clinch the deal. Here, ‘closing the sale’ is the act of actually getting the prospect’s assertion to buy the product or service.  It is the critical point in the personal selling process. An expert salesperson should watch for every sign which may indicate that the prospect is willing to buy the product. A sale is said to be complete when the product is in the hands of satisfied customer.
  • Follow-up: – Finally, the salesperson must remember to follow up. Here, “Follow-up” refers to the activities undertaken to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the article and the firm. These activities include installation of the products, checking and ensuring its smooth performance, maintenance and after-sale service. It helps to secure repeat sales identify additional prospects and to evaluate salesman’s effectiveness. Thus, following up will ensure customer satisfaction and help to maintain healthy relationship with the customer.
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