UPSC Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Civil Engineering Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Syllabus of Civil Engineering. UPSC CSE Civil Engineering Syllabus Paper – I Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials and Structural Analysis:1.1 Engineering Mechanics:Units and Dimensions, SI Units, Vectors, Concept of Force, Concept of particle and rigid body. Concurrent, Non Concurrent and parallel forces in a plane, moment of force, free body ..

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Chemistry Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Syllabus of Chemistry. UPSC CSE Mains Chemistry Syllabus Paper – I Atomic Structure:Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, Schrodinger wave equation (time independent); Interpretation of wave function, particle in one-dimensional box, quantum numbers, hydrogen atom wave functions; Shapes of s, p and d orbitals.2. Chemical Bonding:Ionic bond, characteristics of ionic compounds, lattice energy, ..

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Botany Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Syllabus of Botany. Paper – I Microbiology and Plant Pathology: Structure and reproduction/multiplication of viruses, viroids, bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma; Applications of microbiology in agriculture, industry, medicine and in control of soil and water pollution; Prion and Prion hypothesis. Important crop diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma, fungi and nematodes; Modes ..

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Anthropology Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Syllabus of Anthropology.  Paper I (1) Meaning and scope Anthropology Relationship with other disciplines: History, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Life Science, Medical Science. Main branches of Anthropology, their scope and relevance Social-cultural Anthropology Physical and biological Anthropology Archaeological Anthropology Human Evolution and emergence of Man: Organic Evolution: Theories of evolution ..

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Syllabus of Animal Husbandary & Veterinary Science for Civil Services Mains Examination Paper I Animal Nutrition: Energy sources, energy, metabolism and requirements for maintenance and production of milk, meat, eggs and wool. Evaluation of feeds as sources of Trends in protein nutrition: sources of protein metabolism and synthesis, protein quantity and quality in ..

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Agriculture Syllabus

UPSC IAS Mains Examination Syllabus, Books, Strategy and Notes of Agriculture for Civil Services Mains Examination Paper I Ecology and its relevance to man, natural resources, their sustainable management and conservation. Physical and social environment as factors of crop distribution and production. Climatic elements as factors of crop growth, impact of changing environment on cropping pattern ..

Syllabus : General Studies (Mains) for Civil Services Examinations

The written examination will consist of the following papers: Paper A – Modern Indian language 300 Marks – Qualifying nature – Marks not counted – Passing mandatory- (i) Comprehension of given passages. (ii) Precis Writing (iii) Usage and Vocabulary. (iv) Short Essay (v) Translation from English to the Indian language and vice-versa. Note 1: The Papers ..