UPSC Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Mathematics Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Syllabus of Mathematics. UPSC CSE Mains Mathematics SyllabusPaper – I:(1) Linear Algebra: Vector spaces over R and C, linear dependence and independence, subspaces, bases, dimension; Linear transformations, rank and nullity, matrix of a linear transformation. Algebra of Matrices; Row and column reduction, Echelon form, congruence’s and similarity; Rank of a matrix; Inverse ..

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Management Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Syllabus of Management. UPSC CSE Mains Management SyllabusThe candidate should make a study of the concept and development of management as science and art drawing upon the contributions of leading thinkers of management and apply the concepts to the real life of government and business decision making keeping in view ..

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Law Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Syllabus of Law. UPSC CSE Mains Law Syllabus Paper – I: Constitutional and Administrative Law: Constitution and Constitutionalism: The distinctive features of the Constitution. Fundamental rights – Public interest litigation; Legal Aid; Legal services authority. Relationship between fundamental rights, directive principles and fundamental duties. Constitutional position of the President and ..

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination History Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Syllabus of History. UPSC CSE Mains History SyllabusPaper – I Sources: Archaeological sources:Exploration, excavation, epigraphy, numismatics, monuments Literary sources: Indigenous: Primary and secondary; poetry, scientific literature, literature, literature in regional languages, religious literature. Foreign accounts: Greek, Chinese and Arab writers. Pre-history and Proto-history: Geographical factors; hunting and gathering (paleolithic and mesolithic); Beginning of ..

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Geology Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Syllabus of Geology. UPSC CSE Mains Geology Syllabus Paper – I General Geology: The Solar System, Meteorites, Origin and interior of the earth and age of earth; Volcanoes- causes and products, Volcanic belts; Earthquakes-causes, effects, Seismic zones of India; Island arcs, trenches and mid-ocean ridges; Continental drifts; Seafloor spreading, Plate tectonics; ..

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Electrical Engineering Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Syllabus of Electrical Engineering. UPSC CSE Electrical Engineering Syllabus Paper – I Circuit Theory: Circuit components; network graphs; KCL, KVL; circuit analysis methods: nodal analysis, mesh analysis; basic network theorems and applications; transient analysis: RL, RC and RLC circuits; sinusoidal steady state analysis; resonant circuits; coupled circuits; balanced 3-phase circuits; Two-port ..

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Economics Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Syllabus of Economics. UPSC CSE Mains Economics Syllabus Paper – I Advanced Micro Economics:(a) Marshallian and Walrasiam Approaches to Price determination.(b) Alternative Distribution Theories: Ricardo, Kaldor, Kaleeki(c) Markets Structure: Monopolistic Competition, Duopoly, Oligopoly.(d) Modern Welfare Criteria: Pareto Hicks & Scitovsky, Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem, A.K. Sen’s Social Welfare Function.2. Advanced Macro ..

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Commerce and Accountancy Syllabus

Paper – I: Accounting and Finance Accounting, Taxation & Auditing 1. Financial Accounting:Accounting as a Financial Information System; Impact of Behavioural Sciences. Ac-counting Standards e.g., Accounting for Depreciation, Inventories, Research and Development Costs, Long-term Construction Contracts, Revenue Recognition, Fixed Assets, Contingencies, Foreign Exchange Transactions, Investments and Government Grants, Cash Flow Statement, Earnings Per Share. Accounting for Share Capital Transactions including Bonus Shares, ..