UPSC Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Preliminary Examination) Syllabus

 General Studies Paper 1 Current events of national and international importance. History of India and Indian National Movement. Indian and World Geography-Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World. Indian Polity and Governance-Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc. Economic and Social Development-Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector Initiatives, etc. ..

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Medical Science Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Syllabus of Medical Science. CSE Mains Medical Science Syllabus Paper – I Human Anatomy: Applied anatomy including blood and nerve supply of upper and lower limbs and joints of shoulder, hip and knee. Gross anatomy, blood supply and lymphatic drainage of tongue, thyroid, mammary  gland, stomach, liver, prostate, gonads and uterus. ..

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Philosophy Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Syllabus of Philosophy Syllabus. UPSC CSE Mains Philosophy Syllabus Paper – I History and Problems of Philosophy: Plato and Aristotle: Ideas; Substance; Form and Matter; Causation; Actuality and Potentiality. Rationalism (Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz): Cartesian Method and Certain Knowledge; Substance; God; Mind-Body Dualism; Determinism and Freedom. Empiricism (Locke, Berkeley, Hume): Theory of Knowledge; Substance ..

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Physics Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Syllabus of Physics. UPSC CSE Mains Physics Syllabus Paper – I: (a) Mechanics of Particles: Laws of motion; conservation of energy and momentum, applications to rotating frames, centripetal and Coriolis accelerations; Motion under a central force; Conservation of angular momentum, Kepler’s laws; Fields and potentials; Gravitational field  and potential due to ..

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Political Science & International Relations Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services (Mains) Examination Syllabus of Political Science & International Relations. CSE Political Science & International Relations Syllabus Paper – I Political Theory and Indian Politics: Political Theory: meaning and approaches. Theories of the State: Liberal, Neoliberal, Marxist, Pluralist, Post-colonial and feminist. Justice: Conceptions of justice with special reference to Rawl’s theory of justice ..