What is Chromosphere?

January 13, 2018

The chromosphere is the transition zone between the corona and the photosphere. It is basically the red and shining layer of gas above the Sun’s photosphere. It is the second layer of the atmosphere of Sun with photosphere as the first one and corona the third. It...

What is CELSS?

December 21, 2017

CELSS stands for Controlled Ecological Life Support System. They are also termed as ‘Living machines’ which give complete life support like fresh air, water, organic food etc. to the residents by continually recycling the waste produced by the inhabitants and also CELSS at large.  It is thus,...

What is Alpha Centauri?

December 3, 2017

Alpha Centauri is a system of stars which is closest to the Solar System i.e. about 4.37 light years from Sun. It is comprised of three stars namely; Alpha Centauri A (Rigil Kentaurus) Alpha Centauri B which mostly forms the binary star Alpha Centauri AB Alpha Centauri...

What is an Aurora?

November 30, 2017

Aurora was also known as polar lights (northern lights or aurora borealis and southern lights or aurora australis).It is a natural display of lights in the sky in Arctic and Antarctic regions.  It is caused when streams of charged particles from Sun collide with particles from gases...

What are Asteroids?

November 30, 2017

Asteroids also called the inner solar system are minor planets which are neither categorised as a planet or a comet. They are in direct orbit around the Sun. They primarily remain on the circumstellar disk of gas around new stars and also the debris of the disk...

What is an Achromatic Lens?

November 29, 2017

An Achromatic Lens is the one which is so designed to completely control the effects of chromatic distortion or even aberration. It is made by the combination of lenses of two different types with different focal powers so that the light from both together are free from...