Why it is said that we may brave human laws but cannot resist natural laws?

Working of all the entities are governed by certain laws for instance a human body has its own set of laws, society and nations have their own laws. Human laws have been created by humans  to  enforce a standardized behavior in order to maintain peace and harmony. Natural systems have their own laws like flow […]

Why it is said that joy is the simplest form of gratitude?

Joy is simplest form of gratitude has been written by Karl Barth where he stresses the importance of joy in one’s life and outlook. Joy is a state of mind where one is happy. It is a feeling of satisfaction and sense of well being. It brings cheerfulness, happiness around.

How the destiny of a nation is shaped in its classrooms?

Nations are built over generations by blood and sweat of its leaders, businessmen, scientists, and more importantly by ordinary citizens. The future of any nation depends on its children who are the potential torch bearers. Thus there growth and development of physical, intellectual and moral is a priority for any nation. Classrooms are the first […]