What is Channel Management?

Channel Management is a strategy of marketing which the companies use to reach the maximum number of audience and increase their customer base. It helps the firms to stay focused on one particular channel by servicing and selling to customers in that channel with the primary aim to streamline communication with the customers. Thus, one […]

What is consumer surplus?

The difference between the actual price which the consumer is willing to spare for any commodity and the actual price which is paid by them is known as consumer surplus.  Consumer satisfaction is gauged by overall social surplus which is comprised of consumer surplus and producer surplus in terms of utility. It is a measure […]

What is the meaning of Conspicuous Consumption?

Conspicuous Consumption generally refers to extravagance or wasteful spending. American economist Thorstein Veblen had coined the term in 1889 in his book titled, “The Theory of the Leisure Class”. It stands for spending which is done to publicly show off wealth and not to purchase basic goods of daily use and need. This is usually […]

Who are Category specialists?

Category specialists are special discount stores which specialise in a particular category. They are also known as discount speciality stores. The variety that they offer is narrow but they do carry a deep assortment of merchandise in the category they specialise in. It is the specialist advantage which lets them use their buying power to […]

What is the meaning of Catalogue showroom?

Catalogue showroom usually refers to retail outlets which deal in hard goods like electronics,  jewellery,  houseware etc. They are located next to or in close proximity to their warehouses. The merchandise is not displayed to save costs instead the customers have to browse a catalogue to place order for any specific item. Latter is then […]

What is a Cash Cow?

A Cash Cow refers to a business, a product or an asset which when acquired and paid off further gives constant cash flows throughout its life. It is often referred to in an industry which shows slow growth otherwise. It is one of the categories in the growth matrix given by Boston Consulting Group. Very […]

What is the meaning of Breakaway positioning?

Breakaway positioning refers to a marketing strategy which plays a significant role in helping the brand to be able to carve its image and niche. It is a technique wherein the customers are able to locate the product by its design, functionality, luxury, distribution channel, pricing etc. The breakaway campaigns resonate with customers much more […]

What is Bill of Sale?

A Bill of Sale is a document which states that a person or a company has sold goods to a customer. It is a legally valid document which can be used as an evidence in any legal dispute. It also stands to show that the good now belongs to the customer i.e. its ownership has […]

What is Behavioral Segmentation?

Behavioural segmentation refers to the classification of organizations and individuals on the basis of their behaviour towards different products. Consumers are also classified on the basis of the frequency of their purchase or using the product. Various factors are considered for grouping individuals like spending habits, consumption, lifestyle, product use etc. It is thus useful […]

What is Brand Valuation?

Brand Valuation refers to a sequence of steps which contribute to assessing the brand value or in other words the amount of money which another company is ready to pay for it. It is thus the financial assessment of the brand. The brand is comprised of various tangible and intangible elements linked to the company […]