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Current Affairs September 2010 : Quiz 3

1. Recently Government has launched a new project named “The Green Action for National Dandi Heritage Initiative (GANDHI)” for integrated development and heritage conservation of Dandi and surrounding villages. What is the approximate cost of this project? (A)Rs. 23 crore(B)Rs. 24 crore(C)Rs. 25 crore(D)Rs. 26 crore(E)None of these 2. Recently we read in the newspapers ..


Current Affairs September 2010: Quiz 2 for Banking Examinations

1. Recently Government has rejected to give environment clearance to $1.7 billion mining project of vedanta. This project was proposed in which of the following areas? (A)Niyamgiri hills(B)Damanjodi(C)Panchpatmali(D)Lanjigarh(E)None of these 2. India is the country which is giving competition to China in the Car market. By what fraction the passanger car market in India grew ..



Current Affairs September 2010: Quiz 1

1.Nowadays we are hearing a lot about DTC (Direct Tax Code) which is going to being implemented from Apil 1 2012, a year behind the previous deadline. According to Revenue Secretary Sunil Mitra, government is going to lose in 2012-13 ?(A) Rs 51,000(B) Rs 52,000(C) Rs 53,000(D) Rs 54,0002.Canada’s Research in Motion (RIM), the maker ..


Current Affairs August 2010: Quiz 7 for All Examinations

1.In the current international economic environment, we assume that an exporter is NOT converting his Dollar receivables into Rupees. In this context, please consider the following statements: The Exporter thinks that the current exchange rates are too low and the exchange risk may be very high if he goes for the conversion. The Exporter thinks ..


Current Affairs August 2010, Quiz 6

1.Who among the following Mathematicians was recently making news for his claim of solving the Pvs NP, one of the famous 7-mellennium problem?(A)Vinay Deolaliakr(B)D. Uday Kumar(C)Prof. P Trimurthy(D)Timothy Gowers 2.Which among the following is the bill, that significantly increases visa fees of H1-B and L1 categories, after US President Barack Obama signed it into law?(A)Wall ..