GK Today’s Quiz Archive

This is archive of GKToday’s daily General Knowledge and Current Affairs Quiz, which we started publishing in 2008.

GK & Current Affairs : November 11, 2016

1. Who has become the brand ambassador for 2017 T20 Blind Cricket World Cup? [A]Rahul Dravid [B]Sachin Tendulkar [C]V V S Laxman [D]Saurav Ganguly Answer: Rahul DravidNotes: Rahul Dravid, the former Indian Cricketer and Captain, ..

General Knowledge 2016 – Quiz-1: GK for UPPSC Examinations

1. The Battle of Chillianwalla was a part of? [A]Anglo-Maratha Wars [B]Anglo-Carnatic Wars [C]Anglo-French Wars [D]Anglo-Sikh Wars Answer: Anglo-Sikh Wars Battle of Chillianwalla was fought on 13 January 1849 during the Second Anglo-Sikh War. Sikhs ..


GK for RAS Examination

1. The area in the vicinity of which among the following was earlier known as “Jangal Desh”? [A]Jodhpur & Bikaner [B]Bharatpur & Alwar [C]Nagaur & Sikar [D]Jaipur & Ajmer Jodhpur & Bikaner Show Answer 2. ..

Current Affairs : September 2010: Quiz 5 for Banking Examinations

1. The INFINET (communication channel for transmission of electronic communication by banks) is stands for which of the following? (A)India National & Finance Network(B)Indian Financial Network(C)International Financial Network(D)Indian Financial Information Network(E)None of these 2. Rafael ..

Current Affairs September 2010: Quiz 4 for Bank Clerical Examinations

1. Which of the following software giants has designed “worldwide telescope” a computer programme, which enables you to study even the universe and zoom the outer space? (A)Google(B)Microsoft(C)IBM(D)Cisco(E)None of these 2. One Bale of cotton ..