GK Questions: 2009-2019

Quiz 608: Current Affairs for Banking Examinations

1. The Housing Startup Index (HSUI), which is soon to be launched in India in 2012, is on the pattern of which among the following existing indices? [A]Index of Industrial Production [B]Consumer Price Index [C]Wholesale Price Index [D]SENSEX Index of Industrial Production Show Answer 2. Which among the following is the core method of stabilizing ..

Quiz 607: Geography for Civil Services Examinations

1. Which among the following phenomena has been largely responsible for the recent drought in Somalia and northern Kenya? [A]El Nino Southern Oscillation [B]La Nina [C]Indian Ocean Dipole [D]A collective impact of all the above three La Nina 2010, a strong La Niña cooled surface waters in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean, while allowing ..

Quiz 606: Current Affairs March / April 2012

1. What is the revised validity of the cheques and bank drafts from April 1, 2012? [A]2 Months [B]3 Months [C]4 Months [D]6 Months 3 Months Show Answer 2. India has recently signed the bilateral agreement on Mutual Assistance in Customs Matters with which among the following countries? [A]Saudi Arabia [B]UAE [C]Bahrain [D]Yemen UAE In ..

Quiz 605: Indian History for SSC Examinations

1. Which among the following was the First Revolutionary organization of Bengal ? [A]Hindustan Socialist Party [B]Anushilan Samiti [C]India House [D]Jugantar Party Anushilan Samiti Show Answer 2. To do something for the Indigo Planters, who among the following persuaded Mahatma Gandhi to come to Champaran? [A]Dr. Rajendra Prasad [B]Rajkumar Shukla [C]Brij Kishore [D]Mahadev Desai Rajkumar ..

Quiz 604: Current Affairs for Civil Services Exams

1. Which among the following is the only major democracy which uses the same type of Alternative Voting, which was proposed for UK in recent times? [A]United States of America [B]Brazil [C]Australia [D]Germany Australia Australia is the only major democracy to use the same type of AV system as the one being proposed for the ..

Quiz 603: General Studies (Current Affairs) for IAS Examination

1. Government of India has decided to go for a comprehensive overhaul of the coastal security architecture after the 26/11 attacks and a blue print was drawn in recent times. Which among the following is/ are elements of this plan? 1. A coastal radar surveillance network 2. A chain of automatic identification system (AIS) 3. ..

Quiz 602: Current Affairs March 6-10, 2012

1. Vladimir Putin has recently become Russia’s president for which among the following terms? [A]First [B]Second [C]Third [D]Fourth Third Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has won the Presidential polls. He secured a record third term in the Kremlin after recording a landslide victory over his four rivals. Exit polls and preliminary results gave him about ..

Quiz 601: Current Affairs – March 1-5, 2012

1. The ultras under the Karbi Peoples’ Liberation Tiger, KPLT are predominantly active in which among the following states? [A]Nagaland [B]Assam [C]Mizoram [D]Manipur Assam Show Answer 2. Which among the following missiles of India has capability of attacking surface targets by flying as low as 10 metres in altitude? [A]Agni IV Prime [B]Prithvi [C]Brahmos [D]Akash ..

Quiz 600: GK & Current Affairs 2012 for All Examinations

1. Which among the following is correct in context with the Brown ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) ? [A]ATMs owned by Foreign Companies [B]ATMs not owned by banks but by private ATM service providers. [C]Outsourced ATM Service by Banks – The ATM named under a brand sponsor bank but ATM machine not owned by the Bank ..

Quiz 599: General Knowledge 2012

1. India selected the French Fighter Rafale in a $10.2 bn deal in 2012 over 5 other contenders. After the down-selecting India narrowed down to two, one was French Fighter Rafale which was the other one ? [A]Boeing [B]Lockheed Matin [C]Cassadian (formerly EADS) [D]MiG 35 Cassadian (formerly EADS) Show Answer 2. The First Chairperson of ..