GK Questions: 2009-2019

Quiz 7: Basic General Knowledge

1. India’s First Moon Mission Chandrayaan was launched on which among the following dates? [A] October 27, 2007[B] October 22, 2008[C] November 23, 2008[D] December 17, 2008 Show Answer Correct Answer: B [October 22, 2008] Notes:Chandrayaan was launched on October 22nd 2008 and successfully reached the lunar surface on November 14, 2008. The ISRO lost ..

Quiz 6: Basic General Knowledge

1. The terms Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia are related to which among the following? [A] Body Fat[B] Blood Sugar[C] Metabolism of sugar galactose[D] Respiration Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Blood Sugar] Notes:Hypoglycemia: low blood sugar Hyperglycemia: High blood sugar 2. Opium is obtained from the dry latex from which part of the Papaver somniferum Plant? [A] Stem[B] Leaves[C] ..

Quiz 5: Basic General Knowledge

1. Which among the following movement started with “breaking the salt law”? [A] Non-cooperation Movement [B] Civil Disobedience Movement[C] Quit India Movement[D] Home Rule Movement Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Civil Disobedience Movement] 2. Who among the following was the socialist leader, who ran away from the Hazaribagh Prison and joined the Quit India Movement? ..

Quiz 4: Basic General Knowledge

1. Which among the following acts, incorporated 11th Fundamental duty in Indian Constitution? [A] 42nd Amendment Act [B] 43rd Amendment Act[C] 86th Amendment Act [D] 89th Amendment Act Show Answer Correct Answer: C [86th Amendment Act ] Notes:Based On the recommendations Sardar Swaran Singh Committee  10 Fundamental Duties were added in Part-IV of the Constitution ..

Quiz 3: Basic General Knowledge

1. Which among the following is the largest nuclear power station of India by capacity? [A] Tarapur Atomic Power Station, Maharashtra[B] Rajasthan Atomic Power Station, Rawatbhata[C] Kaiga Atomic Power Station, Karnataka[D] Madras Atomic Power Station, Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Tarapur Atomic Power Station, Maharashtra] Notes:With a capacity of 1400 MW, today, ..

Quiz-2: Basic General Knowledge

1. Who among the following was the Prime Minister of India when Mandal Commission was constituted? [A] Indira Gandhi[B] Morarji Desai[C] Rajiv Gandhi[D] V P Singh Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Morarji Desai] Notes:In terms of Article 340 Morarji Desai Government appointed the Second Backward Classes Commission under the chairmanship of B P Mandal in ..

Quiz 1: Basic GK for All Exams (updated)

1. In which of the following states, the Sharavati Project is located? [A] Andhra Pradesh[B] Karnataka[C] Tamil Nadu[D] Madhya Pradesh Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Karnataka] Notes:Sharavati is the name of the river that flows entirely in Karnataka. India’s famous Jog falls is created by this river. Other name of Jog falls- Gerosoppa falls. 2. ..