General Knowledge (GK) Questions – 2020

Quiz 321: General Socio-Economic Awareness for Bank PO Examinations

12345678910 1). Which among the following phrases generally denotes National Income? Gross National Product at Market Prices Net National Product at Market Prices Gross National Product at Factor Cost Net National Product at Factor Cost 2). If a commodity has more number of substitutes, the demand for this commodity will be _______? more elastic less elastic ..

Quiz 323 : General Studies For All Examinations

12345678910 1). Karkota Dynasty was confined to which of the following areas? Kannuj Kashmir Deccan Gujarat 2). Which of the following is / are among the documents presented in Budget? Annual Financial Statement Demand for Grants Appropriation Bill Finance Bill Select the correct option from the codes given below: Only 1 & 2 Only 1, ..

Quiz 324: Finance, Business & Economy Awareness

12345678910 1). In context with the RBI, NDS is an electronic platform for facilitating dealing in Government Securities and Money Market Instruments. What does NDS stand for__? National Depository System Negotiated Dealing System National Dealing System Negotiable Deals System 2). What is the name of reserve Bank of India’s VSAT based communication system which is ..

Quiz 325: General Awareness For All Examinations

12345678910 1). Which among the following was not a Union Territory before it was accorded the status of Full Fledged state ? Himachal Pradesh Manipur Tripura Sikkim 2). Which among the following was the outcome of The States Reorganization Act 1956? 22 states , 9 Uts 14 states, 6 Uts 17 states, 7UTs 18 states 7 ..

Quiz 327: General Studies for All Exams

12345678910 1). Bring out the incorrectly matched pair ? Baira Siul Project : Himachal Pradesh Solal Project – Jammu & Kashmir Tanakur Project – Uttar Pradesh Koel Karo Project – Bihar 2). The MIG series of Super fighters have come to India from which of the following ________ ? Russia USA UK France 3). Which ..

Quiz 328: Miscellaneous GK Topics for All Examinations

12345678910 1). In which year first fleet of Dutch reached in India? 1498 1510 1550 1595 2). Who among the following is known to organize a military force of Sikhs called Khalsa to avenge the murder of his father thus establishing Khalsa Panth ? Guru Teg Bahadur Guru Gobind Singh Banda Bahadur Guru Arjun Dev 3). Which among ..