GK Questions: 2009-2019

Quiz 279 : General Studies : International Current Affairs

1.Raila Odinga is the first prime minister of which of the following countries as the parliament of this country amended the constitution to create a post of Prime Minister in 2008?(A)Ghana(B)Kenya(C)Sudan(D)Uganda(E)Tanzania 2.Which of the following country observes its foundation day on which India observes its republic day?(A)England(B)Kazakhstan(C)Australia(D)New Zealand(E)None of them 3.Which of the following countries […]

Quiz 277 : Indian History for Civil Services Examinations

1.Who among the following is considered as Political Guru of Mahatma Gandhi?(A)Madan Mohan Malviya(B)Dada Bhai Nauroji(C)Gopal Krishna Gokhle(D)Bal Gangadhar Tilak(E)None of them 2.Who among the following is given credit of starting agitation for political reforms ?(A)Tantia Tope(B)Kunvar Singh(C)Nan Sahib(D)Raja Rammohan Roy(E)None of them 3.Preservation of the genealogies of the gods, Risis and famous kings, is […]

Quiz 276 : Latest Current Affairs

1.The National Commission for Heritage Sites Bill, 2009 which was recently introduced in Rajya Sabha seeks to constitute a National Commission for Heritage Sites to give effect to UNESCO Convention, 1972. In which year India ratified this convention?(A)1973(B)1974(C)1975(D)1977(E)1979 2.Which among the following is incorrect about Cabinet system?(A)The proceedings of the cabinet are kept secret(B)The Prime […]

Quiz 275 : General Awareness for All Examinations

1.The Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council was abolished in 1985. In which year it was revived back ?(A)2000(B)2002(C)2003(D)2005( E)2007 2.Which of the following states in India has e-governance projects named as CHOiCE and BHUIYAN?(A)Madhya Pradesh(B)Orissa(C)Chhattisgarh(D)Andhra Pradesh( E)Gujarat 3.In which year Project Tiger was launched in India?(A)1970(B)1973(C)1976(D)1980( E)1982 4.Which among the following is not correctly matched?(A)Mouling National […]

Quiz 274 : Current Affairs – Business & Economy

1.M-PESA is a product name of a mobile-phone based money transfer service that was developed by Sagentia for Vodafone for markets like Kenya, Tanzania, Afghanistan etc. This service is being operated by which company since September 2009 (transferred from Sagentia) ?(A)HP Systems(B)IBM Global Services(C)Citrix Systems(D)Dell(E)None of the above 2.From which of the following countries India […]

Quiz 273 : Current Affairs

1.What is the Modern name of a country which has Abyssinia as its old name?(A)Ethiopia(B)Egypt(C)Surinam(D)Lebanon( E)None of the above 2.Recently we read in the newspapers about Uttar Pradesh Buddhist Circuit Development Project which includes development of Buddhist centers situated at Sarnath, Kushi Nagar, Kapila vastu, Sravasti and Sankisa. Which among the following countries is providing […]

Quiz 272: Current Awareness for All Examinations

1.Rajendra Sanam is related to which of the following sports?(A)Disc Throwing(B)Kabaddi(C)Archery(D)Polo(E)None of them 2.According to a special edition issue of UNICEFs flagship ‘The State of the World’s Children’ released recently , the national mortality rate in India has come down from 117 in 1990 to ____ in 2007?(A)54(B)58(C)72(D)89(E)100 3.In context with Indian Navy , what […]

Quiz 271: Indian History For Civil Services Examination

1.Consider the following statements: 1. The charter act of 1813 allowed the Christian missionaries to spread their religious ideas in India. 2. The East India Company , for the first time acknowledged the state responsibility for promotion of Education IndiaWhich among the above statements are correct ?(A)1 only(B)2 only(C)1 & 2 Both(D)neither 1 nor 2( […]

Quiz 270 Miscellaneous for All Examinations

1.On which of the following the weight of a person will be minimum ?(A)Venus(B)Mars(C)Moon(D)Mercury(E)Saturn 2.Who among the following is associated with a famous play Halla Bol ?(A)Amrita pritam(B)Jaspal Bhatti(C)Safdar Hashmi(D)Bhishm Sahni(E)Uma Shankar Joshi 3.Which among the following is the science dealing with Colors?(A)Optics(B)Chromatics(C)Ophthalmology(D)Otology(E)None of them 4.How Kumbh mela is organised in India?(A)Every 4 years at […]