GK Questions: 2009-2019

Quiz 458: Indian Economy For Civil Services

1.Consider the following statements: 1. 14 major dairying states account for more than 90% of India’s Milk Production 2. National Dairy Plan was launched to improve the quality of Milch animals in these 14 states Which among the above statements is / are correct?(A)Only 1 is correct(B)Only 2 is correct(C)Both 1 and 2 are correct(D)Neither […]

Quiz 457 : General Knoweldge For All Examinations

1.Gold Coast Crown colony was established in Sub-Saharan Africa in 1864 and it got its independence in 1957, thus becoming the first Sub-Saharan free country. What is the name of this country ?(A)Burkina Faso(B)Togo(C)Ghana(D)Mali2.Recently “Surena II” was unveiled in Iran. What is Surena II?(A)A Missile(B)A Nuclear Reactor(C)A Defense Laboratory(D)A Humanoid Robot3.Aircraft carrier admiral gorashkov is […]

Quiz 456 – Indian Economy for Civil Services Examinations

1.Which among the following commodity come under the preview of Open Market Sale Scheme of the Government of India to maintain a minimum buffer stock for meeting the unforeseen exigencies like drought, flood and other natural calamities and also for providing food grains required for Public Distribution System and the other food grain based welfare […]

Quiz 454 : GK for Bank PO and Other Examinations

1.How many currencies are used in the Real Effective Exchange Rate (REER) that is both trade and export weighted indicator?(A)6(B)15(C)26(D)362.Which among the following statement is NOT correct about the Reserve Bank of India?(A)RBI resumes the responsibility of meeting directly all the reasonable demands for accommodation(B)RBI holds the Cash Reserves of the Banks(C)RBI is an organ […]

Quiz 453: GK for All Examinations

1.Which among the following correctly described the plot of the Indian Play Mudra Rakshasha?(A)Conflicts between Demons (Rakshasha) and Gods (Deva)(B)Romantic Love story of a demon and a princess(C)Story of a young Arya Man and a Court Dancer(D)Intrigues at the time of accession of Chandragupta Maurya2.Which among the following countries dominated in the Mocha Coffee trade […]

Quiz 452 : GK for Bank PO Examinations

1.What does the following graph refer to ________? (A)Repo Rate(B)Reverse Repo Rate(C)Cash Rerserve Ratio(D)Interest Rates on Deposits2.A person is not satisfied with the decision taken by “Banking Ombudsman”. Who will be the next appellate authority for him / her to approach to_______?(A)Governor of RBI(B)Deputy Governor of RBI(C)RBI Local Boards(D)Chairman of the concerned Bank3.In which of […]

Quiz 451: GK & Current Affairs For All Examinations

1.”Birdie” and “Eagle” are two terms related to which of the following sports?(A)Polo(B)Golf(C)Chess(D)Billiards2.Who among the following is known for starting the “Free Software movement” in September 1983 and GNU Project to develop software that would free users from the restrictive licenses imposed by software companies?(A)Georg C. F. Greve(B)Benjamin Mako Hill(C)Richard Stallman(D)Robert J. Chassell3.Who among the […]

Quiz 450: GK (Indian Economy) for Public Services Examinations

1.Consider the following:1. Disbursement of 32 % of the Net Bank Credit to Total Priority Sector 2. Disbursement of 18% of the Net Bank Credit to Agriculture Sector 3. Disbursement of 10% of the Net Bank Credit to SSIs (Small Scale industries)Which among the above targets have been fixed for the Foreign Banks Operating in […]

Quiz 449 : Current Affairs for Bank Clerical Examinations

1.Which among the following circuit is not marketed in the international tourism market as a Buddhist Circuit in India?(A)Golden Triangle(B)Aurangabad Heritage Corridor(C)Bhubaneswar-Puri- Konark Triangle(D)Dharankota – Amravati – Nagarjunakonda Triangle2.Which among the following grants the Nobel Prize in Literature?(A)Nobel Foundation(B)Swedish Academy(C)Norwegian Nobel Committee(D)Government of Sweden3.Mizoroki-Heck reaction which was recently in the news, is catalyzed by which […]

Quiz 448: Indian History for Public Service Examinations

1.Which of the following Chinese pilgrim gives account of the First Gupta Ruler?(A)Fa Hien(B)Huen Tsang(C)Itsing(D)None of them2.In which of the following clans Chandragupta I was married into?(A)Vakataka(B)Licchhvi(C)Naga(D)Ikswaku3.We find the coins of a very less known prince called Kacha. Kacha is considered to have been from which of the following dynasties?(A)Vakataka(B)Saatvahna(C)Gupta(D)Kushana4.Bring out the only incorrect statement:(A)National […]