GK Questions

Quiz 478: Current Affairs January 2011 for Banking Examinations

1.Who among the following heads the committee created for examination of the Food Security Bill?(A)C Rangrajan(B)Bimal Jalan(C)Sonia Gandhi(D)Jean Dreze 2.Attorney General Goolam E Vahanvati has been appointed in this office, by whom among the following?(A)Parliament of India(B)Prime Minister of India(C)Chief Justice of India(D)President of India 3.During the Great Depression of the 1920s, everyone was in ..

Quiz 477 : GK & Current Affairs January 2011

1.Which among the following companies / brands has recently became the First Branded national player and selling the Branded “Pulses” ?(A)Nirma(B)Amul(C)Hindustan Level Limited.(D)Tata Chemicals 2.Consider the following statements: 1. India is largest producer of Pulses 2. India is largest Consumer of Pulses 3. India is largest importer of Pulses Which among the above statements hold ..

Quiz 476 : GK for All Examinations

1.Almatti Dam, whose height has been allowed to be increased in a recent verdict of Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal, is located in which among the following states?(A)Maharastra(B)Karnataka(C)Andhra Pradesh(D)Tamil Nadu2.Which among the following states of India was ruled by the Ahom Dynasty in Sultanate and Mughal era?(A)Kerala(B)South Tamil Nadu(C)Assam(D)Kashmir3.The word “El Niño” comes from which among ..

Quiz 475 : GK Current Affairs for All Examinations

1.In which of the following cases, VD Savarkar was sentenced to transportation for life to the infamous Cellular Jail in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Kala Pani) in 1911?(A)Alipore Bomb Case(B)Nasik Conspiracy Case(C)Delhi conspiracy case(D)Lahore Conspiracy Case2.Which among the following is correct about “My Dear Kuttichathan”?(A)It was First Malayalam Movie of India(B)It was First 3-D ..

Quiz 474 : Finance , Business & Economy For All Examinations

1.Vegetable Oil has been India’s largest non-oil import commodity. In this context please consider the following reasons. 1. The Food grain are grown more in India because of the remunerative support prices 2. The Oil seed cultivation in India is mostly dependent upon the Rain fed Areas 3. The import of Vegetable oil has been ..

Quiz 473 : GS for Public Service Examinations

1.Nokrek Biosphere reserve is located in which of the following states?(A)Assam(B)Meghalaya(C)Manipur(D)Tripura2.Under which of the following ministries comes the Department of Border Management?(A)Ministry of Home Affairs(B)Ministry of Defense(C)Ministry of Overseas Affairs(D)None of them3.(ABC/AR) programme is for the control of which of the following diseases?(A)Rabies(B)Malaria(C)Dengue(D)Zoonoses4.Bring out the only incorrect statement:(A)Impeachment of the President Can be initiated in ..

Quiz 472 : GK For All Examinations

1.Consider the following: 1. Foreign Direct Investments2. Foreign Institutional Investments 3. American Depository Receipts 4. Global Depository ReceiptsIn context with the “Sources of Foreign Exchange Reserves” which among the above are placed under Portfolio Investment?(A)1, 3 & 4(B)2, 3 & 4(C)1 & 2(D)3 & 42.Which among the following is the unit of measurement of the ..

Quiz 471 : GK for All Examinations

1.Which among the following is correct about Bhaddasala?(A)He was a poet in the court of Chandragupta Maurya(B)He was the general of the Nanda Army(C)He was an ambassador of Ceylon King sent to Asoka’s court(D)He was a playwright in the Gupta Era2.Economic Planning comes under which of the following lists ?(A)Union List(B)Concurrent list(C)State List(D)None of them3.In ..

Quiz 470 : General Knoweldge For All Examinations

1.In context with the environment , February 2 is observed as which among the following days?(A)Earth Day(B)World Oceans Day(C)World Water Day(D)World Wetlands Day2.Consider the following: 1. Copper 2. Zinc3. TinGun Metal is the alloy of which among the above?(A)1 & 2(B)1 & 3(C)2 & 3(D)1, 2 & 33.Consider the following comparisons between the Durum Wheat ..

Quiz 469: General Studies for CSAT 2011

1.Who among the following was the chairman of All-India Rural Credit Review Committee (1969)?(A)A. Ghosh(B)B. Venkatappiah(C)C. Janakiraman(D)D. Jalan2.Who among the following are the beneficiaries of the MAFALDA?(A)Landless Laborers(B)Jobless Youth(C)Small Industries(D)Small and Marginal Farmers3.Consider the following statements: 1. Breeder Seeds are offspring’s of Foundation Seeds 2. Foundation Seeds are Offsprings of the Certified Seeds Which among ..