GK Questions: 2009-2018

Quiz 368: Latest Current Affairs for Banking, State Government & Central Government Examinations

1.With which of the following neighbor countries, India has created a Joint River Commission?(A)Myanmar(B)Bhutan(C)Nepal(D)Bangladesh(E)Pakistan 2.Recently Delhi High court has directed the Union Government to grant permanent commission to women in defense forces. Aty present, women are inducted into the army as officers under short service commission for a maximum period of _ __?(A)8 years(B)10 years(C)14

Quiz 367: Bank Clerical, CLAT GK Section – Miscellaneous Topics

1.Alfred Nobel was a citizen of which of the following countries?(A)England(B)Switzerland(C)Norway(D)Sweden(E)None of them 2.How many people have won Nobel Prize posthumously till now?(A)only 1(B)two(C)three(D)four(E)five 3.Which among the following does not come under the know Your Customer KYC policy ?(A)Customer acceptance policy(B)customer identification policy(C)monitoring of transactions(D)risk management(E)all of above come under KYC 4.Apart from the temporal

Quiz 366: Indian Polity & Constitution for State & Central Government Examinations

1.Which among the following was / were set up vide Part-III of the States Re-organisation Act, 1956.?(A)Interstate Council(B)Zonal Council(C)Language Commission(D)Delimitation Commission(E)None of the above 2.In which year Sikkim was included in the North Eastern Council ?(A)1985(B)1992(C)1999(D)2002(E)2004 3.Who among the following functions as Chairman of Zonal Council?(A)Prime Minister(B)Union Home Minister(C)State Chief Minister elected by all chief

Quiz 365: General Socio Economic Awareness for Banking Examinations and Other Government Services Examinations

1.The President of India appoints the Chairman and Members of the National Human Rights Commission on whose recommendations?(A)Prime Minister of India(B)Speaker of Lok Sabha(C)Home Minister(D)Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha(E)All of the Above 2.In which year India ratified International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights ?(A)1966(B)1968(C)1976(D)1978(E)1979 3.In which of the following cities is located the

Quiz 364: All subjects for Bank Clerical Cadre, NDA, MBA Entrance and CLAT Examinations

1.”Duncan Pass” is located in which of the following Union Territories / States?(A)Himachal Pradesh(B)Pondicherry(C)Andaman & Nicobar Islands(D)Mizoram(E)Sikkim 2.Consider the following : 1. Chilka Lake 2. Pulicat lake 3. Wular Lake 4. Koneru Lake 5. Lonar Lake How many of them are Lagoons?(A)1(B)2(C)3(D)4(E)5 3.In which state is located Bori Wildlife Sanctuary?(A)Maharastra(B)Andhra Pradesh(C)Madhya Pradesh(D)Gujarat(E)Himachal Pradesh 4.Which of

Quiz 363 For Bank Clerical Examinations

1.Who among the following is the first batsman to hit six sixes in an over?(A)Garfield Sobers(B)Ravi Shastri(C)Ted Alletson.(D)Brain Lara(E)Kapil Dev 2.What is the total number of British overseas territories?(A)8(B)14(C)16(D)17(E)5 3.Hamilton is the Capital of which of the following British overseas territories?(A)Anguilla(B)Bermuda(C)Cayman Islands(D)Gibraltar(E)St Helena 4.”The God of Small Things” was the tile of the novel for

Quiz 362 : Socio- Economic Awareness for Bank PO Examinations & Other Competitive Examinations

1.World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7 April, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization. What is the theme of World Health Day 2010?(A)Make every mother and child count(B)Be part of a global movement to make cities healthier(C)Save lives, Make Hospitals Safe in Emergencies(D)International health security(E)Work Together for health 2.In which year

Quiz 361: International Current Affairs for Civil Services Examinations

1.On April 1, 2010, which of the following countries has launched CRCEES (Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme) , a new mandatory scheme which envisages to force some 5,000 companies to monitor and report their energy usage and related carbon emissions?(A)United States(B)Britain(C)Australia(D)France(E)Canada 2.As per the the recent Copenhagen Accord, the governments will work to combat

Quiz 359: General Knowledge for Bank Clerical Examinations

1.Which among the following is the first women university in India and South Asia?(A)Mother Teresa Women’s University(B)SNDT University(C)Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam(D)Women’s Christian College(E)None of them 2.Montek Singh Ahluwalia is India’s Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission. He is serving on this position for ______?(A)First term(B)Second term(C)Third Term(D)Fourth Term(E)None 3.In which country was born world’s first cloned

Quiz 358: General Knowledge India for All Examinations

1.At which of the following places in Uttarakhand , Mahatma Gandhi stayed for many days during India’s Freedom Struggle?(A)Mussoorie(B)Kausani(C)Almora(D)Nainital(E)Haridwar 2.Who among the following has been described as ‘Jawahar of Uttarakhand’ ?(A)Baldev Singh Arya(B)Badri Datt Pandey(C)Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna(D)Jagmohan Singh Negi(E)Chandra Singh Garhwali 3.Who among the following is not a Golf Player?(A)Jeev Milkha Singh(B)Tiger woods(C)David Bekham(D)Jyoti Randhawa(E)None

Quiz 357: Business, Banking, Economy Awareness for Banking Examinations

1.On which of the following indices, India VIX is based upon?(A)BSE Sensex(B)CNX Nifty Junior(C)Nifty 50(D)NSE Index(E)None of them 2.In which year was established Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria commonly called “The Global Fund” or “GFATM”?(A)1999(B)2000(C)2001(D)2002(E)2003 3.To avoid a Prompt Coercive Action from the Reserve Bank of India, a bank should not fall

Quiz 356: Current Awareness & GK International : For All Examinations

1.In which country are located monolithic human figures carved from rock called Moai Statues , which are also counted under seven forgotten wonders of the mediaeval world?(A)Peru(B)Brazil(C)Argentina(D)Chile(E)Mexico 2.Recently a tiny island known as New Moore island disappeared in the sea after many years of its creation. This island was claimed by which of the following

Quiz 354: Macroeconomics: Questions on Some Basic Concepts

1.legal description of the object with reference to which the tax applies is known as _______ ?(A)Direct Tax(B)Indirect Tax(C)Base of Tax(D)Elasticity of Tax(E)None of them 2.Which among the following is the correct definition of Real Burden of Tax(A)The reduction in the disposable income to the tax payers(B)Amount of tax being paid by the taxpayers to

Quiz 353: Miscellaneous for All Examinations

1.Which of the following African Country was formerly known as Nyasaland?(A)Tanzania(B)Malawi.(C)Mozambique(D)Botswana(E)None of them 2.Which of the following games were previously called ‘British Empire Games’ ?(A) East Asian Games(B)Southeast Asian Games(C)Olympic Games(D)Commonwealth Games(E)Paralympics Games 3.Which among the following mountains separate the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of continental Europe?(A)Carbet Mountains(B)Jura Mountains(C)Pyrenees(D)Mont Blanc Massif(E)Chartreuse Mountains 4.Which of

Quiz 352: Current Affairs Sports for All Examinations

1.On January 14, 2010, Mumbai has retained the title of Ranji Trophy with a 6 run victory over Karnataka. This is Mumbai’s ________victory in Ranji Trophy.(A)35th(B)36th(C)37th(D)38th(E)39th 2.Eighth edition of the Under 19 Cricket World Cup took place in New Zealand in January 2010. Australia won the tournament, beating Pakistan in the final by 25 runs.

Quiz 350: General Awareness for State Public Services Examinations

1.Which among the following is the capital of west Sikkim?(A)Gyalshing(B) Gangtok(C)Mangan(D)Namchi(E)Pelling 2.Which among the following is also called as ‘Fenny capital’ of Goa. ?(A)Bardez(B)Sattari(C)Ponda(D)Mapusa(E)Mormugao 3.Who among the following was the Premier of Madras Presidency at the time of India’s Independence?(A)P. S. Kumaraswamy Raja(B)O. P. Ramaswamy Reddiyar(C)Tanguturi Prakasam(D)Kala Venkata Rao(E)Kumarasami Kamaraj 4.Which among the following regional

Quiz 349 : Bank PO Special Test Paper

1.In context with the 4 concepts of Money supply in India (i.e. M1, M2, M3 and M4) used by Reserve Bank of India, which among the following are the most relevant ?(A)M1 & M2(B)M2 & M4(C)M1 & M4(D)M1 & M3(E)M3 & M4 2.In the recent Union Budget 2010-11, how much amount has been allocated for

Quiz 348: Current Affairs & General Awareness – National

1.Recently we read in the newspapers that Government is mulling over raising the income threshold to define the economically weaker section (EWS) to about Rs 6,000 a month. What is the correct income threshold for EWS in India?(A)Rs. 3000(B)Rs. 3300(C)Rs. 3600(D)Rs. 3800(E)Rs. 4000 2.Who among the following is the current United States Secretary of Defense?(A)Donald

Quiz 347: Miscellaneous for All Examinations

1.”Universal Access and Human Rights ” this was the theme for the following international Observances of 2009?(A)Human Rights Day(B)United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace,(C)World Consumer Rights Day(D)World AIDS Day(E)Labour Day 2.Which of the following date signified attack on Pearl harbor by Japan?(A)January 7, 1941(B)December 20, 1941(C)March 7, 1941(D)December 7, 1941(E)January 21, 1941

Quiz 346: Indian Geography For All Examinations

1.Which among the following is smallest district of India?(A)Alapuzha(B)Dausa(C)Mahe(D)Tirap(E)Kanniyakumari 2.Which among the following rock system in India is also known as storehouse of minerals?(A)Archaean Rock system(B)Dharwar system(C)The Cudappah system(D)The Vindhyan System(E)None of above 3.With which of the following neighbors India shares a land border worth 4096.7 km ?(A)Bangladesh(B)China(C)Nepal,(D)Bhutan(E)Pakistan 4.In which of the following Himalaya ,

Quiz 345: General Awareness for all Examinations – International

1.Approximately what fraction of Population of Sri Lanka is Buddhist?(A)30%(B)50%(C)60%(D)70%(E)85% 2.As we know that United Nations has designated 2010 as “International Year for Youth”. On which date “International Year for Youth” begins?(A)January 1, 2010(B)August 1, 2010(C)August 12, 2010(D)July 1, 2010(E)None of them 3.In which year, Venezuela replaced its currency the Bolivar with “Bolivar fuerte” to

Quiz 344 : Indian History

1.Who among the following King of France whose reign is known for the period of conflict between British and France and France’s empire in the New World was almost completely lost; France’s policies in the Americas and India had ended in a dismal failure?(A)Henry IV(B)Louis XIV(C)Louis XV(D)Louis XIII(E)None of them 2.In which of the following

Quiz 343 : Miscellaneous GK

1.”parallax of one arc second” is a unit of which of the following?(A)Time(B)Volume(C)Length(D)Speed(E)Acceleration 2.Niamey is the capital of which of the following African Countries?(A)Niger(B)Burkina Faso(C)Chad(D)Algeria(E)None of them 3.A famous palaentological hoax related to the finding of the remains of a previously unknown early human known as Piltdown Man was found in which of the following

Quiz 342: General Knowledge – Biological Sciences – Botany

1.Which part of the plant Raphanus sativus is edible?(A)Fruit(B)Leaves(C)Roots(D)None(E)All 2.Which among the following plants is known as Indian ginseng?(A)Withania somnifera(B)Datura ceratocaula(C)Iberis amara(D)Capsella bursa pastoris(E)Brassica Nigra 3.From which part of the plant Glycyrrhiza glabra , Liquorice or Mulethi is obtained?(A)Leaves(B)Roots(C)Fruits(D)Stem(E)Flowers 4.Which of the following plants have respiratory roots?(A)Marshy Plants(B)Mangroves(C)Epiphytes(D)Submerged Hydrophytes(E)Xerophytes 5.From which part, Coconut coir is

Quiz 341: General Economic Awareness & Business Current Affairs for All Examinations

1.The following options A to E are news headlines related to Union Budget 2010 , taken from some financial newspapers. Among them bring out the one that deals with Transfer Payments ?(A)Government projects Rs. 248664 crore for Interest payments(B)Government projects Rs. 301331 as corporation tax in 2010-11(C)Government will spend Rs. 60000 Crore on Defense in

Quiz 340: World Geography

1.Which among the following types of mountains are formed by the lifting up of land between faults or by the sinking of land outside the faults?(A)Block Mountains(B)New Mountains(C)Residual Mountains(D)Fold Mountains(E)None of them 2.Northern hemisphere is considered as more suitable fordeep-space observation. Which among the following is a correct reason for this?(A)North Pole faces galactic centre