GK Questions: 2009-2018

Quiz 398: General Awareness for all Upcoming Examinations

1.Where is located the Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology?(A)Madurai(B)Thanjaur(C)Kochi(D)Bangalore(E)Ooty 2.Which among the following options does not mention Correct Location of India’s Biosphere Reserves?(A)Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve – Tamilnadu(B)Nokrek Biosphere Reserve – Meghalaya(C)Similipal Biosphere Reserve – Orrisa(D)Dehang-Debang Biosphere reserve – Arunachal Pradesh(E)all matched correctly How Many Biosphere Reserves in India?3.Girish Wagh is related to which of

Quiz 397: Geography for Public Service Examinations

1.Which among the following is the correct location of Earth’s magnetosphere?(A)Near the centre of Earth(B)Below Ionosphere(C)Beyond Ionosphere(D)Within 12-16 kms of Earth’s surface(E)Beyond 35000 kms from Earth 2.Oxygen-18 has been frequently used in Palaeoclimatology to measure / estimate climate changes in the history of Earth. Consider the following statements in this context: 1. It helps in

Quiz 396 : Finance, Business & Economy Current Affairs

1.Who among the following was chairman of Union Carbide when Bhopal tragedy occurred on 3 December 1984?(A)Marc Galanter(B)Warren Anderson(C)Mike Ciresi(D)None of them Read Explanation2.Arrange the Nationalist Congress Party, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Bahujan Samaj Party, Samajwadi Party in chronological order of the years they were founded:(A)Nationalist Congress Party, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Bahujan Samaj Party, Samajwadi Party(B)Bahujan

Quiz 395 : Basic General Knowledge For All Examinations

1.Which among the following is the only internal human organ which can regenerate?(A)Pancreas(B)Kidney(C)Liver(D)Spleen(E)Bone marrow 2.How many digits of Pincode in India are assigned to the Individual Post Offices?(A)last 1 digit(B)last 2 digits(C)last 3 digits(D)first 2 digits(E)first 3 digits 3.Who is known as grand old man of India?(A)Dada Bhai Naoroji(B)Gopal krishna Gokhle(C)Mahatma Gandhi(D)Moti Lal Nehru(E)Lok Manya

Quiz 394: GK for State Public Services Examinations

1.India is one of the select mega biodiversity countries of the world. In this context, approximately what fraction of the recorded species of the world, India accounts for ….?(A)2-3%(B)7-8%(C)11-12%(D)15-16%(E)20-22% 2.Consider the following statements regarding the Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)? 1. It is mainly a pre-processing of the municipal solid waste to use it as a

Quiz 393 : Macro-Economical Awareness for Banking Examinations

1.Recently we read in the newspapers that Reserve Bank of India has constituted a panel to study the structure and efficacy of the current customer grievance redress system in banks and suggest measures for expeditious resolution of complaints and probably also to lay down a suitable time-frame for disposal of customer complaints. Who among the

Quiz 392: General Knowledge For All Examinations

1.Which among the following material was used in Mathura School of Art?(A)Granite(B)White marble(C)Slate(D)Red Sandstone(E)None of them 2.Which among the following is correct about Heliopause?(A)Heliopose is the theoretical boundary beyond which Light from Sun can not reach(B)Heliopose is the theoretical boundary beyond which heat from Sun can not reach(C)Heliopose is the theoretical boundary beyond which Solar

Quiz 391: General Knowledge For All Examinations

1.In which of the following war , the Agent Orange was used in by the US Miliatry?(A)Vietnam War(B)Kosovo War(C)Bosnian War(D)Korean war(E)Iraq War 2.Lin Dan also nicknamed as Super Dan is the only male player in badminton history to have won three consecutive titles at the BWF World Championships. He belongs to which of the following

Quiz 390: General Knowledge for State Public Sevices and Other Examinations

1.Which among the following are the oldest surviving rock-cut caves in India ?(A)Bagh Caves(B)Ellora Caves(C)Uday Giri Caves(D)Barabar Caves(E)Gupteswar Caves 2.Who among the following was not among the 9 gems (Navratna) of the Vikramaditya’s court ?(A)Vetalbhatt(B)Amar Simha(C)Kaalidasa(D)Varahamihira(E)Aryabhatta 3.Bring out the Incorrect statement:(A)Guru Arjun Dev was put to death by Jahangir(B)Aryabhatta was a contemporary of Chandra Gupta-II(C)Asanga

Quiz 389: Banking Awareness for Banking Examinations

1.From the given options A to E , please find out the one which is not an objective of a central Bank of a country?(A)The central Bank of a country aims at profit(B)The central bank is given powers to control and regulate the working of the commercial banks(C)Central Bank generally is a organ of the

Quiz 388: General Awareness for Bank PO Examinations

1.For which of the following purposes Automated Finger Print Identification Systems (AFIS) has been introduced in 22 states of India recently?(A)Assist in UDI Project(B)Assist in biometric ration cards(C)Identification of criminals(D)Both A & B(E)None of the above 2.Which of the following states in India is hiring Vikas Mitras (VMs) to function as facilitator for implementation of

Quiz 387: Special Test Paper on Current General Awareness for Bank PO Examinations

1.Which among the following is a correct definition of Hematocrit?(A)proportion of blood volume that is occupied by red blood cells.(B)proportion of blood volume that is occupied by white blood cells.(C)proportion of blood volume that is occupied by Leucocytes and Thromobocytes(D)proportion of blood volume that is occupied by plasma(E)None of them 2.Which among the following categories

Quiz 386: General Knowledge Miscellaneous Public Services Examinations

1.Which among the following was the first vaccine ever to be developed?(A)Cholera(B)Smallpox(C)Rabies(D)Tetanus(E)Typhoid 2.Which among the following is an Indian Document / proposal ?(A)International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings(B)Declaration on Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism.(C)Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism(D)Convention against Nuclear Terrorism(E)None of the above 3.As per the Guinness World Records, which among the

Quiz 385: Current Awareness For All Examinations

1.Which among the following treaties was never signed between US & Russia?(A)START -I(B)START -II(C)START-III(D)New START Treaty(E)SORT 2.As per a recent survey conducted by Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), which among the following is world’s Most Confident Market?(A)India(B)China(C)UAE(D)Vietnam(E)Japan 3.As per recent data released by Reserve bank of India, what was the number of online frauds

Quiz 384: General Knowledge For All Examinations

1.The early Muslim invaders (Ghori, Slaves, Khalji, Tughlaq, Sayyid & Lodi) were not able to establish a stable and efficient government in India. This was because : 1. They had very limited resources at their disposal2. They could not establish cooperation with Hindus3. None of these could focus on establishing a firm rule4. Hindu Rulers

Quiz 383: India’s Finance, Banking & Economy for All Examinations

1.Recently we read in the financial newspapers that, the number of credit card holders in India is decreasing consistantly (the number of credit cards in circulation fell below the 20-million mark in March 2010). Which among the following is the most responsible reason behind the fall of the number of credit cards in circulation in

Quiz 382: International Current Affairs April 15-30, For All Examinations

1.Which of the following investment banking and securities firm was recently amid controversy because of its alleged help to Greek government to mask its national true debt facts, leading the Greek economy very close to bankruptcy in March 2010?(A)First Horizon(B)Goldman Sachs(C)Barclays Capital(D)ING Group(E)Royal Bank of Scotland Group 2.Which among the following cities is the venue

Quiz 381: General Socio Economic Awareness for Banking Examinations

1.In context with the Banking Industry, which among the following was not a promise made by India’s Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in the Union Budget 2010-11?(A)To provide a sum of Rs.16,500 crore to ensure that the Public Sector Banks are able to attain a minimum 8 per cent Tier-I capital by March 31, 2011(B)To provide

Quiz 380: For States Public Service Examinations

1.In context with various treaties related to European Union, the Single European Act of 1992 was a major revision of which of the following treaties?(A)Treaty of Rome(B)Treaty of Paris(C)Treaty of Maastricht(D)Treaty of Amsterdam(E)Treaty of Lisbon 2.Out of the 27 EU members, how many are members of NATO?(A)13(B)14(C)16(D)21(E)23 3.Which among the following country is not a

Quiz 379: General Socio-Economic Awareness for Banking Examinations

1.Many a times we read in the newspapers that credit creation by Banks increases the Money supply. From the following given options, bring out the one, upon which credit creation by banks does not depend?(A)Demand & supply Conditions(B)Financial Literacy(C)Recession or Boom of the economy(D)Credit control Policy of Reserve bank of India(E)Liquidity of the banks 2.We

Quiz 378 : General awareness for Bank Clerical and All Other Examinations

Print Version 1.Which of the following India company had launched Mission 10Xin 2007?(A)Infosys(B)Mahindra & Mahindra(C)Wipro(D)Reliance(E)None of them 2.Mamadou Tandja was a president of which of the following African country ?(A)Nigeria(B)Niger(C)Mali(D)Algeria(E)Libiya 3.Which among the following sporting event has become the first ever to be broadcast live on the popular video sharing website YouTube?(A)2010 Africa Cup of

Quiz 377: Test Paper for Bank PO Examinations

1.Who among the following headed second Administrative Reforms Commission?(A)Veerappa Moily(B)V. Ramachandran(C)Dr. A.P. Mukherjee(D) Justice S. Ratnavel Pandian(E)None of them 2.Who among the following famous authors from India / of India was honored with Guggenheim Fellowship?(A)Arvind Adiga(B)Jhumpa Lahiri(C)Anita Desai(D)Salman Rushdie(E)Arundhati Roy 3.Consider the following: 1. Private Consumption2. Government Consumption 3. Fixed Investments4. Net ExportsArrange the above

Quiz 376 : General Awareness for Banking, SSC and State Exams

1.Who among the following is the current chief Justice of United States of America?(A)John G. Roberts(B)William Rehnquist.(C)Warren E Burger(D)Earl Warren(E)None of the above 2.In which year India was certified as being free of variola (small pox virus) due to Indian national smallpox eradication programme (NSEP) and its intensified version (INSEP)?(A)1977(B)1981(C)1983(D)1986(E)1987 3.Apart from UN General Assembly,

Quiz 374: Miscellaneous for Bank Clerical and Other Examinations

1.Which among the following is a Beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) ?(A)Agni(B)Prithvi(C)Astra(D)Naag(E)Akash 2.United States President Barack Obama was sworn in a second time after a word was misplaced in the oath taken by him the first time around. Which among the following is that word?(A)Integrity(B)Faithfully(C)Solemnly(D)Justice(E)None of the above 3.Which among the following songs lost to the

Quiz 373: General Studies (Current Affairs) For Civil Services Examinations

1.Exercising the powers conferred by clause (1) of Article 217 of the Constitution of India, the President of India appoints _______?(A)Attorney General of India(B)A Judge of Supreme Court of India(C)Chief Justice of A High Court(D)Comptroller & Auditor General of India(E)Governor of a State 2.With how many ASEAN countries India is coordinating for Mekong-Ganga Cooperation (MGC)

Quiz 372: General Awareness on Recent Developments for Bank Officers Grade-I and Civil Services Examinations

1.Which among the following country has been frequently in news now a days for armed conflict taking place between rival drug cartels and government forces ?(A)Thailand(B)Mexico(C)Peru(D)North Korea(E)Afghanistan 2.As per the Union Budget 2010-11, the government of India will receive a maximum amount of money from which of the following?(A)Corporation tax(B)Income tax(C)Customs(D)Service Tax(E)Union Excise Duties 3.In

Quiz 371: General Knowledge For Bank Clerical & Other Examinations

1.Which of the following company is coordinating with Government of India in Passport Seva Project ?(A)Easrnst & Young(B)Tata Consultancy Services(C)Wipro(D)Patni Computer System(E)Infosys 2.At what rate 25 kg of rice or wheat per month have been proposed to give to below BPL people in the ambitious programme envisaged under the National Food Security Act (NFSA)?(A)Re. 1

Quiz 370: Indian Constitution for Civil Services, State Civil Services and Judiciary Examinations

1.Which among the following Union Territory has a Judicial Commissioner?(A)Pondicherry(B)Andaman & Nicobar Islands(C)Daman & Diu(D)Lakshadweep(E)Chandigarh 2.In context with the High Courts in India, please consider the following statements : 1. All High Courts in India were created after promulgation of the Constitution of India2. Position of the High Courts in India is very much similar

Quiz 369: General Awareness (Business & Economy ) for Civil Services, Bank PO & State Civil Services Examination

1.Which among the following Committee was related to Financial Inclusion?(A)Vaghul Committee(B)Raghuram Rajan Committee(C)Dr. Rakesh Mohan Committee(D)Venketaiya Committee(E)None of them Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee had announced in the Budget speech that the UPA intended to ensure that, in its current term, all places with more than 2,000 residents would havesome sort of access to banking facilities.