GK Questions

Quiz 578: General Studies for Civil Services Examinations

1. Bring out the only statement, which is not fully correct: [A]An increase in the supply of money will always result in inflation [B]Inflation occurs when the value of money declines [C]Cost inflation occurs when prices rise to cover increased factor costs [D]Inflation will have the effect of redistributing incomes within a country Explanation 2. ..

Quiz 577: Current Affairs for IBPS Clerical Examination

1. For which among the following criminal activities related to Business, tycoon Raj Rajaratnam was sent to jail recently? [A]Terrorist Funding [B]Insider Trading [C]Tax Evasion [D]Hawala Transaction 2. Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which provides AADHAAR is a part of which among the following? [A]National Development Council [B]Planning Commission [C]Ministry of Home Affairs [D]Ministry ..

Quiz 576: General Studies for UPSC Examinations

1. Consider the following: 1. A common parliament 2. Central bank 3. Court of justice Which among the above is/ are features of the African Union? [A]Only 1 [B]1 & 2 [C]1, 2 & 3 [D]None of them Explanation 2. Consider the following: 1. Access 2. Infrastructure 3. Teachers 4. Outcome Which among the above ..

Quiz 575: Current Affairs for IBPS Clerical 2011

1. Recently, India has signed an Oil Exploration Deal with Vietnam for oil exploration in which among the following seas? [A]Indian Ocean [B]Pacific Ocean [C]South China Sea [D]Bohai Sea 2. Recently, the Standard and Poor’s lowered rating of United States from the AAA, the highest possible level, by one notch to AA+. This implies that ..

Quiz 574: Current General Awareness for All Examinations

1. Which among the following Public Sector Giants of India have recently launched the “Harit-Moksha”, a unique CSR initiative for bringing in energy efficiency in the cremation sector? [A]NTPC [B]ONGC [C]BHEL [D]OIL 2. Lt. Gen Palvinder Singh Bhalla was recently appointed the head of which among the following organizations? [A]ITBP [B]BSF [C]NCC [D]NSG 3. If ..

Quiz 573: Current Affairs October 2011 for Bank Clerical and Other Exams

1. The students of which among the following institutions have built the “Jugnu” satellite which is a remote-sensing satellite that will monitor vegetation and water-bodies? [A]IIT Kanpur [B]IIT Kharagpur [C]SRM University [D]Andhra University 2. Consider the following statements about the Megha-Tropiques satellite which has been recently placed in orbit via the PSLV-C18 flight: 1. It ..

Quiz 572: Current Affairs for IBPS Clerical Exam 2011

1. Microcredit or microfinance is a novel approach to banking with the poor through Self Help Groups or SHGs. However, the Microfinance Institutions or MFI’s have now replaced the SHGs with JLGs. What does the JLG most commonly stands for? [A]Joint Lending Groups [B]Joint Liability Groups [C]Joint Local Groups [D]Joint Lenders Groups 2. Which among ..

Quiz 571: GK for UPSC Civil Services Examination

1. Russell Tribunal is related to which among the following? [A]International Intellectual property issues [B]War Crimes [C]Crimes against women [D]Organized International Crime Explanation 2. Consider the following: 1. Financial market reforms 2. State fiscal reforms 3. Health, environment and energy disaster management 4. Modernization of Indian armed Forces Which among the above include the main ..

Quiz 570: Current Affairs for IBPS Clerical Examination

1. In which year on October 1, a permanent nursing service for the Indian troops was constituted, designated as India Military Nursing Service, celebrated today as Nursing Day in India? [A]1920 [B]1926 [C]1923 [D]1928 2. Currently, the Shah Commission is probing into the mining illegalities in which among the following states? [A]Karnataka [B]Goa [C]Gujarat [D]Maharastra ..

Quiz 569: General Studies for State (RPSC/BPSC/TNPSC/UPPCS) exams

1. The controversial biography “Controversially Yours” is of which among the following cricketrs? [A]Imran Khan [B]Shoaib Akhtar [C]Shahid Afridi [D]Shoaib Malik 2. Which among the following does not come under Corporate Governance ? [A]Management of rights of shareholders [B]Trusteeship [C]Ethical Business Conduct [D] Profits Maximization 3. Which among the following minerals is also known as ..