Daily Current Affairs -2020: Objective [MCQ] Current Affairs Quiz

Current Affairs Quiz: March 03, 2020

12345678910 1). The term ‘Delimitation’ which was in news recently, is associated with which process? Fixing limits of Income tax Fixing limits of Affordable housing Fixing limits of territorial constituencies Fixing limits of Chairperson’s salary 2). Which state hiked the MLAs’ Local Area Development Fund to Rs.3 Crore per year? Maharashtra Punjab Uttar Pradesh Odisha ..

Current Affairs Quiz: March 01-02, 2020

12345678910 1). Ritesh Agarwal, who was named as the world’s second youngest billionaire, is the founder of which Indian start-up company? Zomato Oyo Hotels Swiggy Byjus 2). Which state recently passed resolution to conduct a caste-based census in the state? Kerala Bihar West Bengal Odisha 3). The Diamond Princess cruise ship, which witnessed the largest ..

Current Affairs Quiz: February 29, 2020

12345678910 1). Which aircraft carrier launched freighter services to assist shrimp farmers? Alliance Air IndiGo SpiceJet Vistara 2). Bob Iger, who recently tendered his resignation, was the Chief Executive Officer of which global firm for 15 years? Walt Disney Company Netflix Warner Bros Pixar 3). As of 2020, what is the Foreign Direct investment (FDI) ..

Current Affairs Quiz: February 28, 2020

12345678910 1). As of 2020, the largest cricket stadium of the world is located in which country? Australia India South Africa New Zealand 2). Which country organised a training course on ‘Vessel Search Technique’ for Indian Coast Guard and Customs personnel at Chennai? Japan Australia Oman Qatar 3). Which city hosted the four-day ‘International Conference ..

Current Affairs Quiz: February 27, 2020

12345678910 1). The Consumer Protection Act 2019, which is to come into force from April, 2020, makes provisions related to “class action suits”. This suit can be invoked to__? Sue many producers of same product Recall an entire batch of faulty products Sue entire management team of the producers of faulty products Claim damages for ..