Current Affairs – 2020: Daily Quiz MCQs

Current Affairs Quiz: December 28, 2019

1. Which fighter aircraft, that was recently retired, is also known as Bahadur? [A] MiG 27[B] Tejas[C] Mirage 2000[D] Gulfstream Show Answer Correct Answer: A [MiG 27] Notes:The Indian Air Force recently retired the MiG 27 fleet. The fighter aircraft, developed by Soviet Union and manufactured in India by HAL, is also known as Bahadur. ..

Current Affairs Quiz: December 27, 2019

1. Which state is going to observe 2020 as Susashan Sankalp Varsh? [A] Uttar Pradesh[B] Gujarat[C] Haryana[D] Madhya Pradesh Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Haryana] 2. The followers of which religion are called the “Hynniew Trep”? [A] Shinto[B] Taoism[C] Seng Khasi[D] Confucianism Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Seng Khasi] 3. Which government is going to ..

Current Affairs Quiz: December 26, 2019

1. When is “Good Governance Day” observed? [A] December 24[B] December 25[C] December 26[D] December 27 Show Answer Correct Answer: B [December 25] 2. Strategic tunnel under Rohtang Pass was recently named after which of the following individuals? [A] Indira Gandhi[B] Vallabhai Patel[C] Moraji Desai[D] Atal Bihari Vajapyee Show Answer Correct Answer: D [Atal Bihari ..

Current Affairs Quiz: December 25, 2019

1. The government had recently notified rules on microdot identifiers. Microdot technology is used for what purpose? [A] Vehicle ID[B] Surveillance[C] Navigation[D] E-Banking Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Vehicle ID] 2. Shahid Beheshti Port, sometimes seen in the news, is located in which country? [A] Turkey[B] UAE[C] Oman[D] Iran Show Answer Correct Answer: D [Iran] ..

Current Affairs Quiz: December 24, 2019

1. Galapagos National Park, sometimes seen in news, is located in which country? [A] Ecuador[B] Honduras[C] Papua New Guinea[D] Brazil Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Ecuador] 2. Manuel Marrero Cruz is the Prime Minister of which country? [A] Cuba[B] Cambodia[C] Chile[D] Ecuador Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Cuba] 3. The National Farmers Day is celebrated ..

Current Affairs Quiz: December 22-23, 2019

1. The ‘Nine Dash Line’, which is to be contested at the UN, is in which water body? [A] South China Sea[B] North Atlantic Ocean[C] East Philippine sea[D] Arctic Ocean Show Answer Correct Answer: A [South China Sea] 2. The Nord Stream 2 is a gas pipeline project between which two countries? [A] Russia and ..

Current Affairs Quiz: December 21, 2019

1. Which country recently became the first to recognize the Indian Pharmacopoeia? [A] Afghanistan[B] Iraq[C] Saudi Arabia[D] Qatar Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Afghanistan] 2. What aspect does the recently launched EChO Network deal with? [A] Indian ecology and environment[B] Indian foreign policy[C] Indian military technology[D] India’s satellite network Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Indian ..

Current Affairs Quiz: December 20, 2019

1. The Jalasathi program was launched by which state government? [A] Telangana[B] Andhra Pradesh[C] Odisha[D] Tamil Nadu Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Odisha] Notes:The Jalasathi program was recently launched by the Odisha state government for providing access to safe drinking water supply to all households. A dedicated app was also launched along with it. Point ..