Current Affairs – 2020: Daily Quiz MCQs

Current Affairs Quiz: January 09, 2020

12345678910 1). Which Indian cricketer is selected for the ‘C K Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award’ of BCCI? Kapil Dev K Srikkanth Sunil Gavaskar Dilip Vengsarkar 2). What is the name of the mandatory standard individual health insurance policy launched by IRDAI? Arogya Raksha Arogya Suraksha Arogya Sanjeevani Arogya Samriddhi 3). Which state government has started ..

Current Affairs Quiz: January 08, 2020

12345678910 1). Which middle East country recently announced multiple-entry tourist visas to people of all countries? Singapore France United Arab Emirates Spain 2). The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) which recently discovered a new habitable exoplanet, belongs to which space agency? Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Japan Aerospace Exploration ..

Current Affairs Quiz: January 07, 2020

1. Who is the Director General of Aeronautical Systems in DRDO and is also known as Missile Woman of India? [A] Dr.Tessy Thomas[B] Ritu Karidhal[C] Muthiah Vanitha[D] Anuradha T K Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Dr.Tessy Thomas] Notes:The renowned Indian scientist and Director General of Aeronautical Systems, DRDO, Dr.Tessy Thomas was the Chief Guest of ..

Current Affairs Quiz: January 05-06, 2020

1. Qassim Soleimani ,who was killed in the US air strike was the Military Commander of which country? [A] Iraq[B] Iran[C] Israel[D] Syria Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Iran] Notes:The powerful Military Commander of Iran, General Qassim Soleimani was killed in the air strike conducted by the United States. The President of the US is ..

Current Affairs Quiz: January 04, 2020

1. The Prime Minister of India recently inaugurated five Young Scientists Labs of which organisation? [A] Indian Space Research Organisation, ISRO[B] Defence Research and Development Organisation, DRDO[C] Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, BARC[D] Department of Atomic Energy, DAE Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Defence Research and Development Organisation, DRDO] Notes:The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi ..

Current Affairs Quiz: January 03, 2020

1. On January 2, 2020, Prakash Parv was celebrated as birth anniversary of which Sikh Guru? [A] Guru Harkrishan Sahib[B] Guru Har Rai[C] Guru Gobind Singh[D] Guru Teg Bahadur Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Guru Gobind Singh] Notes:The birth anniversary of the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh was celebrated across the country and many ..

Current Affairs Quiz: January 02, 2020

1. The agreement on the prohibition of attack against nuclear installations and facilities was signed in 1988 between which two countries? [A] US and USSR[B] USSR and China[C] India and Pakistan[D] India and USSR Show Answer Correct Answer: C [India and Pakistan] Notes:On 1st January each year, India and Pakistan exchange a list of their ..

Current Affairs Quiz: January 01, 2020

1. The government had recently launched central Equipment Identity Register portal. It operates under which department? [A] Department of Science and Technology[B] Department of Telecom[C] Department of Biotechnology[D] Department of Public Enterprise Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Department of Telecom] Notes:The Indian government, on December 2019, had launched the Central Equipment Identity Register Portal to ..