Verbal Reasoning →Series Completion → Alphabet Series: Question – 26

Find the missing term in the following series:
GH, JL, NQ, SW, YD, ?

In the above question, the pattern is,
1st letter
G\xrightarrow{\text{+3}} J\xrightarrow{\text{+4}} N\xrightarrow{\text{+5}} S\xrightarrow{\text{+6}} Y\xrightarrow{\text{7+}} \textcircled{F}
2nd letter
H\xrightarrow{\text{+4}} L\xrightarrow{\text{+5}} Q\xrightarrow{\text{+6}} W\xrightarrow{\text{+7}} D\xrightarrow{\text{+8}} \textcircled{L}

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