Simple Analogy Reasoning Aptitude Questions and Answers with solutions and Explanations for Bank PO, UPSC, CSAT, MBA, CAT, SSC-CGL, IBPS, Bank Clerical etc.

“Bird” is to “Wing” as “Fish” is to___?

“Bird” is to “Wing” as “Fish” is to___?[A]Gill[B]Fin[C]Tail[D]ScaleShow Answer FinWing is the organ of birds used for aerial movements. Fin is the organ of fish used for aquatic movements.

“Anaemia” is to “Blood” as “Anarchy” is to___?

“Anaemia” is to “Blood” as “Anarchy” is to___?[A]Religion[B]Governence[C]Monarchy[D]DisorderShow Answer GovernenceDeficiency of the blood represents anaemia. If there is no governance, it would cause anarchy.