2017 Mock Test -8: GS-IV: Ethics Case Study -1

The question states that this is a perennial problem occurring year after year. So I am sure my predecessors must have already taken safety measures. However, just in case, they have not taken this measure, might have taken the appropriate steps not at the last hour but much in advance when taking in charge of the assignment. I have the following alternatives:

  1. I might have made the embankment to check the flow of water in my area. Often it is observed that the current of floods is so strong that embankments are often destroyed under the impact.
  2. Taking this eventuality in cognition, I would have consulted the engineers of the concerned department on ways to ensure that the embankment is able to withstand the force of the current. In accordance with their recommendations the embankment might have been constructed.
  3. However, on getting the immediate information from the neighbouring state/nation that they are going to release water, I will take immediate measures to minimize the likely damage to life and property just in case the preventive measures already put in place fail. Accordingly, I would get up immediately and call the officers of the related department for an emergency meeting. Without wasting further time, I would instruct the officers to use all resources within the next two hours to save lives.

The following would be further steps I would take:

  1. advance warning of the impending flood would be given to the people residing in affected area.
  2. In addition, life saving jackets and boats would be made ready for the emergency situation.
  3. Without waiting for the floods to actually take place, rescue and resettlement operations would have begun within minutes of the information coming to me.

I would have also informed the army and other concerned organizations including the disaster management team to be ready to undertake the operation.

Question for UPSC Mains:
You are the district magistrate of a district that faces floods nearly every year during monsoon because the neighboring state/ nation releases water from their dam during the monsoon season when they are faced with the situation of flood. The normal practice for years has been that the neighboring state / nation informs days in advance of releasing water so that you may take appropriate remedial measures. However, this year has been an exception. The rainfall this year was beyond expectations so as to cause emergency situation. At 2 O’clock in the night, when you are sleeping you receive an emergency, phone call that the 'neighboring state/nation will release water within the next two hours. If they actually release the water a large area under your district will be threatened with instant flood causing huge damage to life and property in your district. a) What alternatives do you have? b) What steps will you take to mitigate the disaster? Why? {250 words, 20 Marks}

Published: September 22, 2017 | Modified:September 22, 2017