2017 Mock Test -12: GS-IV: Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude – Case Study -5

While every option from the first down to fifth is ethical decisions, none can be said to be the best.
If Ajay Singh agrees with the decision regarding non-extension of his tenure but feels internally that he has been victimized, he is not doing justice to himself. If on the other hand, he feels that his term is over and he should move ahead without any complaint then probably he is justified in doing whatever he is doing. However, given the case, it appears that Ajay Singh is convinced that justice has not been met with him.
The second option is good only so far as Ajay Singh agrees to speak to the authorities to find out grievances against him but in so far as he promises to abide by what they want him to do, it runs against the principle of independence in taking free and fair decision. In addition, it shows Ajay Singh is ready to compromise only to save his job. In that sense, it is an unethical decision. So, I would not recommend this option or the later part of the option.
The third option is a rational decision. However, it is quite likely that with the sense of victimization dominating his mind. He may not be able to think impart ioily and rationally. He will tend to think that the authorities are against him and taking revenge against him, which might not possibly be correct.
The fourth option is the better option and also an ethical step. Ajay Singh is willing to introspect in consultation with an expert.
His background and workplace behaviour will help the counselor in understanding why he consistently faced problems with his seniors. On the basis of this analysis, if the counselor thinks Ajay Singh is honest and his integrity is creating problems for his seniors, then I would recommend Ajay Singh to challenge the verdict in a court because it is highly ethical to fight for justice and tolerating injustices is unethical.

Question for UPSC Mains:
Ajay Singh is a social work professional. He has served as a social worker in several organizations but everywhere he landed up in problems with his superiors. According to Ajay Singh he is honest and committed to his task which causes problems to his superiors. For example, his last assignment was with an NGO that worked in the area of skilled development and training to poor people. Ajay Singh claimed that as the director of the NGO, he kept a strict watch on the funds and also found the accountant fudging with the accounts. He warned the accountant and stopped him from conducting financial malpractices. According to Ajay Singh, the chairman and board members in collusion with the accountant were misusing funds that he stopped. His action incensed them in reaction to which Ajay Singh’s term was not extended after the completion of the initial three years term. Ajay Singh next joined another organization. He became chairman of Karkardooma Juvenile Court along with four members constituting a jury of five who adjudged juvenile cases. His contract was for three years. After the end of three years, his contract was not extended in this new organization. Ajay Singh claims that he is being victimized for he had in the past filed a case against one of the powerful authorities and won the case. The powerful authority was among those who had the discretion to extend or not extend the terms of his service. Here are the options available to Ajay Singh. Evaluate the options and identify the best option or any other option that is best in your opinion. Eplain with reasons, the option you believe is the best and also why other options are not recommended
  1. Ajay Singh should agree with the decision not to extend his contract.
  2. Ajay Singh should speak to the authorities to find out the reason for non-extension of contract and convince the authorities that he will do accordingly as the authorities want.
  3. Ajay Singh should think over why he has been consistently denied extension in organizations he has served and attempt to make behavioural changes in the way of his working.
  4. Ajay Singh should consult an experienced psychologist and counsellor to identify the behavioural problem that constantly creates problem in his way of working.
  5. Ajay Singh should challenge the verdict in a court since Ajay Singh claim that the reason given for non-extension of his contract is not correct.

Published: September 30, 2017 | Modified:September 30, 2017