2017 Mock Test -12 : Ethics and Integrity: Case Study-1

Ram in this situation has two solutions before him. He can either follow the legal procedure and prove himself as innocent or escape from prison and be free from falsely implicated case.
 In case he chooses to escape with the help of his friend, he will be free from the clutches of legal hassle he is currently facing. Once he moves to a different country, he can start a new life with new job. If he does not escape he will have to spend his time in prison. He can appeal to Supreme court against the order of high but there is no guarantee that he would get justice, he may lose the appeal again like it happened before. Living in prison, he would be punished for a crime which he did not commit. Apart from imprisonment, all his life he would have to carry the stigma of being a criminal, in a new country nobody would recognise him and he can live with dignity.
 If he chooses to stay here and appeal in Supreme Court, he will have the opportunity to prove himself innocent. Once he escapes he will be considered a fugitive. He will never be able to return to his country with ease. Fleeing the situation would further deteriorate his credentials, he would be considered a criminal as well as person who escaped from prison with the help of his influential friend. Fighting the case would be a message to his enemies that he is not weak.
Ram should not escape, he should fight the legal battle. He can ask his friend to arrange the best lawyer so that he can prove his innocence.

Question for UPSC Mains:

Ram and Shyam are friends. Ram has been imprisoned for crime. However, Shyam believes Ram has been falsely implicated in a wrong case by his enemies. Ram appeals in high court against the verdict of the lower court. However, Ram loses the appeal. Ram is imprisoned for three years in a wrong case. Shyam, his friend knows that Ram is not guilty. Shyam enjoys influence in the official circles. He has arranged for Ram's escape while he is out on bail. Shaym offers him visa and flight ticket to the U.S.A. He has also arranged for Ram's employment there. Ram can easily escape if he wants as Shyam has made a foolproof plan of escape.


Should Ram escape considering that he is not guilty? Why or why not? Justify your action. {200 words, 20 marks}

Published: September 30, 2017 | Modified:September 30, 2017