2017 Mock Test 12 – Case Study-3

The root cause of problem lies in the interpretation of Wajib-ul-arz or the record of customary rights which permitted people to use village bunds to move around. This right has been provided for people who need less space to walk and do not damage the fields. This is being used for cattle to move along with people. Cattle need larger space and thus leading to destruction of crops. No provision has been made for cattle movement since pastures are located at outskirts of the village .The right to free movement has been extended to it being used for movement of cattle. In a village, agriculture is the main source of livelihood and any damage to crops can have severe consequences on the incomes of the household. In this case the Gram Sabha failed to intervene to sort out the issue verbally or right interpretation of the customary right. Thus this issue took a highly emotional turn and became violent
The first step would be to prevent further escalation of violence in the village. Putting those charged for murder under custody and deploying police in the region so that no more violent incidents take place. A study and clear interpretation of customary rights, perspective of both  the sides needs to be taken in to consideration to reach any conclusion. The most viable solution would be to construct another way for movement of cattle which is broader and does not damage anybody’s field.

Question for UPSC Mains:
You are Collector of a district. One day, you come to hear the shocking news that in a village within the jurisdiction that nine people were killed and 16 arrested for the crime. The· situation is tense in village. There is a possibility of counter retaliation and the murders could continue unabated unless a solution to the problem is found. On visiting the spot of the crime located in the fields almost on the village boundary you discover further that the cattle of one party would go along the field bunds of the other party’s land in order to reach a pasture on the village boundary. The field owners objected to this because they felt that the cattle caused damage to the crops. The wajib-ul-arz, or the record of customary rights of the villagers permitted people to use field bunds to move around. Therefore, when the field owners stopped the movement of cattle the cattle owners became annoyed, a fracas developed and nine of the field owners were killed. Sixteen of the cattle owners were in custody on a murder charge.
  1. Identify the root cause of this case.
  2. What steps will you take to ensure that the root cause of the problem is addressed and there is no more violence on this issue? {20 marks, 200 words}

Published: September 30, 2017 | Modified:September 30, 2017