What do you understand by the term liquidity premium?

Liquidity premium Liquidity premium or the illiquidity premium stands for the extra return which can be bagged by the investor from an investment that cannot be turned into cash immediately. All the risk-averse investors mostly ..

Why air links have shrunk in recent times from the north-eastern regions of India?

The new foundation stone for the first civilian airport in Arunachal Pradesh has been laid very recently. Meanwhile, several airline flight operators decided to suspend their operation in the adverse northeastern region. The flagship program ..

What do you understand by the Acid Test Ratio in Finance?

Acid Test Ratio is basically a financial metric used by businesses to measure its ability to be able to meet all its short-term liabilities and obligations. It is calculated by the dividing the sum of ..


What in your opinion is the significance of the discovery of remnants of Ice-age seawater?

Scientists have recently discovered the remnants of seawater trapped in the rock formations lying in the Indian Ocean. The discovery is a great help to scientists as they will now be able to reconstruct the ..

Discuss what factors cause fall of global FDI flows considering the fall of the global FDI flows in 2018.

Foreign direct investment is referred to as the investment that is done in the form of controlling ownership of a business in one country by an entity based in another country. It is a little ..