Thank you sir for your guidance. I have religiously read all your documents.. thanks for all efforts and hard work you put to make your documents relevant,updated and exam oriented.
Bilal Mohiuddin Bhat
AIR 10 {View Original Message}

Bilal Mohiuddin Bhat: AIR-10, CSE-2016

Dear Sir,  I would like to thank you and Gktoday for helping me secure a rank 134 in civil services. I have been following GKToday since 2014 and made extensive use of CGS documents and the resources in the Target 2016 program.

I am appearing again this year and look forward to your guidance and support.

Thanks & Regards
Kumar Gaurav
Roll no 0360054 {View Original Email}

Kumar Gaurav: AIR-134, CSE-2016

This is Saumya Pandey rank 4 cse 2016. I want to thank the whole team of gk today which played a huge role in my success. {View Original Email}

Saumya Pandey: AIR-4, CSE-2016

It is no secret that the GK Today documents in every sphere , be it the CGS documents , the compendium , the mock tests, the static information mains documents are best described as ‘phenomenal’ for the depth of the content and the lucidity and clarity  with which it is expressed and also the range of topics covered by it. {View Original Email

Shriya Gupta: AIR-481, CSE-2015

Thanks a lot for your help and support during my preparation in each and every stage. I have been associated with you since 2011 and  you have helped me a lot. Your feedback esp. During my 2014 attempt and checking of copies during 2015 attempt has helped me to get through this exam. I am really grateful for  your guidance. {View Original Email}

Naman Upadhyaya – AIR, 107 CSE-2015

thank you sir. you have played a big role in my success. {View Original Email}

Rahul Pandve – AIR-200, CSE-2015
Sir, I joined 2014 Target but couldn’t make it to the list last year.  But, this year with God’s grace and ur guidance I made it to the list with rank 307. Thank you so much sir ji. {View Original Email }
Shreelekha Shrotriya – AIR-307, CSE-2015

“I was a regular subscriber of your unique and unmatched “Target” programme since 2012. Sir, your inputs and guidance helped me a lot during whole process for CSE preparation.” {View Original Mail}Download Mains Mock Answer Sheets Evaluated by GKToday – Paper-1, Paper-2, Paper-3, Paper-4

Sandeep Chaudhary: AIR 158, CSE-2014

“More precisely what I learnt by reading GK today modules is how one should study GS-what is to be researched and what is to be left out. It was also very useful when I used to revise. I thank Suresh sir and the GK today team who used to put so much of effort in preparing those modules for examination and Wish them the very best in future!” {view original mail}

Prerna Sharma : CSE 2013, AIR 276

“I am a regular subscriber for GK Today since 2012, And since then I was able to clear my prelims and mains regularly and finally getting selection in 2014 CSE. Thanks to Suresh Sir for his professional dedication in delivering a suitable and reliable study material to rely upon.” {view original mail}

Ram Sikaria : AIR 998, CSE 2014

I express my gratitude to you for having helped me in clearing the civil services exam.I thank you and your team for the support and guidance provided to me during this journey of one year.I owe my success to GK Today. {view original email}

Sawni Dikshit: AIR 273, CSE-2012

“Thank you for your kind support and this has helped me in landing up with 208 rank in this year’s civil services exam.”  {View Original Email}

Kamnashish Sen: AIR 203, CSE 2013

I would like to admit that GKToday “Target 2012” programme has played a significant role in this success. I was not able to track different sources of information due to my job. Your material saved a lot of time for me. {View Original Email}

Vichitra Veer: AIR-178, CSE-2012

“I was enrolled for your Prelims and mains modules.. They helped me immensely in my GS. I got 636 rank this time. 256 marks in GS.” {view original message}

Bipasha Das: AIR 636 CSE-2012

I was a subscriber of gktoday and secured rank – 222 in CSE- 2012 . Just wanted to express my gratitude and thank you and your team f or all the guidance that I received from GKToday for general studies for both prelims and mains. Truly, my GS prep would not have been so strong had it not been for your modules.[View Original Email]

Aishwarya Rastogi: AIR-222, CSE-2012

“Thank you Sir. I am happy to have enrolled in your program at right time. I owe a lot to you.” [View Raw Email]

​Nima Arora: AIR-50, CSE-2013

“Thanks a lot sir for all that you have given me, as my teacher and as my friend.” [View Original Email]

Abhijit Thorat : AIR 478, CSE-2014

“I have been a member of GKToday programmes since 2012. Your continuous guidance and efforts have helped me secure IFS 2014 (AIR 73), CSE 2014 (AIR 883) and WBCS 2013. I will be available for any kind of help as you may deem fit.” [View Original Email]

Rajendra Jaipal, AIR 883 – CSE 2014

“I would like to thank Suresh Soni sir, because of the initiative GKToday. I have been following GKToday right from 2011 to 2015. It was of immense help for my preparation. Thanks  a lot sir. I could make this possible because of your help and support.” [View Original Email]

Madhusudan Hulgi (AIR 392) – CSE-2014

“I joined GK today’s online subscription programme for supplementing my preparation in Mains examination.”  {reference link}

Sumit Kumar : AIR 81, CSE-2013

hi sir.. i am g.ramachandran.. i cleared 2012 cse.. secured 502 rank.. thank you so much for you and your team.. i wish your nice work will continue.. {View Original Email}

Ramachandran PGN: AIR 502, CSE-2012