2018-CGS-9 [February 15 to February 28, 2018]

Reference Articles

  1. Consumer Protection Bill, 2018
  2. Digital Capitalism: Meaning, Concepts, Dimensions and Issues
  3. National Urban Housing Fund (NUHF)
  4. Participatory Budgeting in India: Key Issues
  5. Transparency in Indian Judiciary: New Roster System
  6. Cultural Nationalism
  7. Government Initiative Repeal Obsolete and Archival Laws
  8. Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) in Fertilizers
  9. Electronic-Human Resource Management System (e-HRM)
  10. Poultry and Antibiotic Resistance
  11. Open Prisons in India
  12. Cauvery Dispute: Background, Timeline, Recent Verdict, Issues
  13. Draft Wages Code Bill 2017
  14. International Framework around Refugees and Need for a Global Refugee Policy
  15. Bharat Net Project

Questions & Answers

  1. Can interlinking of rivers can help in crop diversification? How? [THBL]
  2. How Buddhism can be one of the integrative factors for Pan-Asianism ideology?
  3. How recent changes in immigration policies in Middle East affect India? What India should do to mitigate those effects?
  4. What are the main functions of the Chief Secretary? What are recent arguments against the post of Chief Secretary? Is this office now obsolete?
  5. What is significance of RIN mutiny? To what extent, RIN mutiny hastened the end of British rule in India? [Indian Express]
  6. What are the objectives, features and significance of the recently announced GOBAR-Dhan initiative?
  7. What are key outcomes of visit of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s visit to India?
  8. What are the key features of the Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Bill, 2018?
  9. What are the features of the Commercial Courts, Commercial Division and Commercial Division of High Courts (Amendment) Bill, 2018?
  10. What are the steps being taken to prevent the banking frauds?
  11. What are aims and objectives of Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) of NITI Aayog?
  12. Stunting is a manifestation of malnutrition. Can it be addressed with the rapid economic growth?
  13. Why India needs a mature standard ecosystem? Discuss the objectives of the draft Indian national strategy for standardization.
  14. What are the challenges India is facing due to inefficient tax assessment? How it can be addressed?
  15. What are the findings of the NASA study on the Arctic permafrost?
  16. What are the objectives of European bank of reconstruction and Development? What are the advantages for India for its membership?
  17. Why government has taken decision to stop the imports of the GM soybean?
  18. What is the current status of conservation of Asiatic Lion?
  19. What are the challenges before India in achieving its target of 100 GW from solar energy by 2022?

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