2018-CGS-8 [February 1 to February, 17, 2018]

Reference Articles

  1. Bitcoin Environment Debate
  2. Protection of Blue Collar Workers Abroad
  3. Resolution of Stressed Assets-RBI Revised Framework
  4. India’s De-hyphenated Foreign Policy Towards Israel and Palestine
  5. National Health Protection Scheme
  6. Issues Around Credit Rating Agencies
  7. Interlinking of Rivers
  8. State of the Forest Report, 2017
  9. Key Facts: NITI Aayog’s Health Index Report
  10. Various Issues Around Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
  11. Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)
  12. India’s Submarine Power: Key Facts & Pressing Issues
  13. Issues Around MPs and MLAs Practicing Law

Questions & Answers

  1. While keeping basin of river Cauvery in focus, discus the impact of demography on cropping pattern, water use pattern and land use pattern.
  2. Amid the growing concerns around groundwater, discuss the salient features, significance and prospects of Atal Bhoojal Yojana.
  3. Highlight the key observations of Supreme Court in recent judgment over River Cauvery water-sharing dispute and their potential implications over federalism.
  4. Critically discuss the India-Russia engagement in Hydrocarbon sector keeping in view the challenges posed by current global geopolitics.
  5. Examine the recently proposed changes in the various provisions of Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).
  6. Elaborate the 3As challenges towards equitable health system worldwide and their implications.
  7. What are the reasons of the anti-globalization calls in developed world in recent times? Discuss highlighting impacts of protectionism on India’s interests.
  8. Elucidate the structure and mandate of International Court of Justice.
  9. What are the objectives of the Bretton Woods Institutions? Discuss why there are vociferous demands for reforms in them.
  10. Examine the challenges posed by China’s Belt and Road initiative for India.
  11. Critically discuss the problems arising out of unregulated growth of social media on internet while suggesting mechanisms to address these issues.
  12. What is Black money? Discuss various measures undertaken by government to curb and control black money.
  13. Critically discuss the 3F (Finance, Function and Functionaries) issues with local bodies as a hindrance to achieve the Swachh Bharat Mission goals.
  14. Discuss the achievements and failures of National Human Rights Commission.
  15. The wildlife conservation efforts of the government have helped in increasing the population of the endangered fauna, yet they have failed in addressing the habitat loss. Discuss the issues arising out of this anomaly.
  16. Why AFSPA has been imposed in J&K and North East but not in LWE affected Areas? Explain.
  17. There is no doubt that killings and human rights violations have occurred due to AFSPA but the problems posed by an array of internal and external agents necessitate an act with teeth to deal with them.” Critically discuss in the light of various concerns raised against the act.
  18. Analyze the nature and prospects of India’s Look West Policy.
  19. Explain the function and mandate and key issues in effective functioning of National Investigation Agency (NIA).
  20. What do you understand by Defence Offset Policy? What are issues in its effective implementation?
  21. With almost 70% of the Defence equipment still being imported, the goal of self reliance is distant dream in our country. What steps do you suggest towards self reliance in Defence production? Discuss.
  22. Private sector can play an important role in Make in India but does our policy provide it level playing field? Discuss in context with Defence Sector
  23. What role MSME could play and what are impediments to its role in Make in India – Defence? Examine suggesting policy steps.
  24. Critically discuss the divergent views on liberalizing the defence sector in India.

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