Prelims Solution – 2016 and General Discussion

Nature of the Prelims Paper – 2016

Traditionally, UPSC’s prelims paper would check how good your schooling was, and Mains Papers (GS) would check how aware you are in current social, political and economical issues. This year, UPSC’s sole aim seemed to put aside all the rote learning and check current awareness. Although, such a change should be welcomed, UPSC’s delicate style of asking specially framed {or rather crafted} questions for this exam seems to have been lost somewhere for last 3 years. Nonetheless, awareness in all walks of life is as good as our schooling for a competitive exam like civil services.

Cut off Idea

Last year, we had predicted 105 marks and this year also, we expect it to be around 105-110 marks for General Category, 95-105 OBC, 90-95 SC and 85-90 ST. This figure is purely speculation and we have neither primary nor secondary data to substantiate it.

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    Given that the 2016 Civil Service Prelims Paper was easier compared to last year; what is a tentative cut-off score to qualifying for mains ? Is it going to be higher than 107 ?


      Hello, Its 105-110.

  • Abhishek Bhagwathia

    is upsc have change the exam pattern


      Hello Abhishek, yes, pattern change is visible in less efforts made by them every year in framing good questions.

  • Avijit Mukherjee

    Sir , due to your support I am scoring descent marks and hopefully clear prelims ..Sir just a query . would you plese answer ??? Sir will you start mains test series for sure this time ?? I am asking because otherwise would have to join test series from other institute in case you do not ..Or else if you plan to statrt mains test series then I will wait for that.. Sir please clarify once I will take the decesion accordingly..

    Thanks in advance

  • Chandra mohan

    sir my prelims score will be around 115+
    what are my chances in prelims 2016

  • aspirant

    1) regarding question on masala bond..
    Isn’t option “a” wrong as it is an arm of world bank group ( not world bank( ibrd+Ida)

    2) regarding unccd question..option 2 is also right..
    Option says- unccd FACILITATES ( it is through ngo, external sources etc)
    Sir plz clear the doubts

    • Aman Aman

      option is wrong but no coaching institute is willing to differentiate between wb group and wb. all them are assuming both as correct.

  • Bhanuprakash M

    Sir i got 59 in GS paper 1 but paper 2 eligibility is becoming very doubt full can u send paper 2 solutions also

    • Bhanuprakash M

      59=59=118 sir r u uploading paper 2 also

      • IASPOINT

        No, we are not uploading second paper.

  • Jagtar Malwa

    waiting eagerly Sir ….

  • Vikas Rana

    Sir Kindly check the Atal Pension Yojana Question, U have mentioned option C and but ur clarification is contradictory and it is written as Some amount of pension instead of Same amount of pension.

    Please check Sir.

  • Ravi meena

    Dear Sir I am getting 96 -100 ST candidate?
    Any chnace sir?

  • karthik namani

    In Question 98: Atal Pension Yojana – In solution pdf Answer is given as ‘C'[1 and 3 only]. But explanation part says third statement is NOT correct. If third statement is not correct than ANS should be option ‘A'[1 Only].

    Pls clarify.


    • Mohit S

      In Atal Pension Scheme, the spouse of the deceased insured person gets the same pension amount after the death of subscriber. The amendment to the scheme had brought in this change in March 2016. The answer key rightly marks the options 1 and 3 as correct.

      Please see this link:

  • Raja Annamalai

    The dilemma of passing this exam is one thing that kills most of our energy. But sincerely I want to thank you for all those wonderful CGS compendium. This year, around 40 questions came from dynamic concepts, each and every question was from CGS. I hope it would have helped a lot many candidates like me. Keep up your good work!

  • amar bharti

    waiting for next documents : ethics and world history.
    please give a tentative date.

  • saurabh verma

    Suresh ji,
    Regarding Kharai Camel, it looks like it can be domesticated, so question 44 ‘s answer should be 1 and 2 only. What do u think ?


      Hello Saurabh, yes you are right. I have updated the answer.

  • saurabh verma

    One more doubt about Question 65. Regarding Ajanta caves and Mahabalipuram.
    Ajanta caves debuted in 2nd century BC in Satvahanas period. Though it is also true that Ajanta caves were being carved out during Guptas and Mahabalipuram debuted during Pallavas which belonged to same age.

    • Aman Aman

      sir how much you are scoring?

    • saurabh verma

      around 128-132 depending on various keys

  • Ravi meena

    Sir I am waiting for your reply as I have to prepare for Ras pre .. so I need to knw if there any chances to pass the perlims ..this time with 96-100 marks ST category.


      Hello Ravi, I see it a safe score, but with all humility at my command I would like to state, that these figures are nothing but speculation. Nobody has correct data to predict something. Further, you must appear in all exams coming your way to Mains without much worrying about result. You have done your Karma, now let Karma take care of itself.

  • Ravi meena

    Yes sir thank you very much ..for your all the help from starting of this course. And just waiting for coming modules to study.

  • Debraj Das

    Sir, can you please do a recheck of the IFC masala bond. IFC website states It’s for private investments. Please verify it. Thank you.

  • Dev4789

    Sir…please check this out for IFC masala bonds….because IFC masala bonds can only be used for private sector funding… is mentioned in the around 3rd or 4th line of this article…

  • Dev4789

    Also as regard to the national millets programme…shouldnt the answer be 1 and 2…since the question says that tribals and poor and marginal farmers have larger stake…and that is true as they are primarily the people who grow millets…plz do clarify

  • Aman Aman

    sir I am getting ~118-20 OBC. Is it a safe score?

  • anubhav pathak

    Hello sir!
    Can you please recheck the IFC masala bond question?. i think IFC is part of World bank group but not part of World bank. question says ” the IFC, which offers these bonds , is an arm of the World bank”
    Please review it sir , Thank you.


      Hello, this world bank argument i had thought over, and what u say is right. But still i don’t think that they would write a question just to differentiate between world bank and world bank group. I may be wrong but in common parlance world bank group is called world bank. There are so many projects running in India with support of IDA, IBRD etc. Generally we call it World Bank Supported projects rather than IBRD or IDA etc.
      Regarding Masala bonds, we have NTPC which issued Green Masala Bonds. If u are judging knowledge of Masala bond, then pvt and public both can raise debt.

  • ashish sinha

    sir, in question 98 statement 3 you have written ” some amount of pension ” but in the question paper it says “same amount of pension ” …please clarify sir ??

  • Sourav S

    Sir please clear following query:
    i) Did you take into account less number of seats this year while predicting the cutoff. If not, then will the cutoff shoot up from your current prediction.

    ii) Sir are you absolutely sure that “The Chief Secretary in a State is appointed by the Chief Minister of the state”. There are sources that says that CM selects but governor appoints. Please clarify.

    iii) Sir why in “millet promotion” ques you have not taken second option ” Poor, small, marginal and tribal farmers have larger stake in this scheme” . And Sir are you abstly sure that third statement is wrong. [ bcoz some farmers are charged for the kit yet small farmers are given for free. Last para of page -1 of below link says “These kits would be supplied free of cost to the beneficiary farmers subject to maximum area of
    2 hectare.”

    iv) In the ques of Ajanta and Mahabalipuram, Sir why have you taken “Both were built in the same period” as right. Mahabalipuram was built much later by Pallavas and earliest caves of ajanta was built much early by Satavahana dynasty, as per Wikipedia. Sir please clarify.

    • Sourav S

      And Sir ur test series and study material was vry useful. We are really looking forward for further materials for mains.

  • Ranjit Kumar Mallick

    Hello Sir,

    I want to thank you for your sincere effort. I enrolled the test series last year and was able to crack the prelims with very good score. This year also the test series helped a lot. But I consider myself one of the most unfortunate candidate because this time my score is around 128 in paper 1 and 67 in paper 2(margin and can swing any way).

    Whatever the result may be, I appreciate your effort and it is really commendable.


    i’ve been a great follower of you for the past 6 years and more.In these years i can see the determined approach and dedication that you put for your students like me who are at the very corners of the country. For us updation and clarification is much required ,but hardly we get these in latter days compared to our city peers. And you are really playing a great role through your dynamic presentation particularly on general studies. Now i’m Working at State Bank of India, it was possible because of the effort you put during 2010’s. I’ ve written this year UPSC prelims quite well and i’m expecting good results.God Bless you and Your Team.


    Karthik Krishnan

  • sunitaraj

    Thank u Sir for your valuable study material which helped us to score 100+ . Respected sir, my humble request -for uploading mains material as soon as possible so that we can withstand with scheduled estimated rather than making any speculation of cut-off (& various rumours ..) on which we have no control .( As you have stated “we have only control over Karma & let Karma take care of itself !)

  • Sourav S

    Sir please please clarify who appoints Chief secretary…


      Hello Moririty,
      Did you check this in google books? Chief secretary is appointed by CM and not governor. For example this one

      the Jung-Kejriwal tussle might have led inclusion of this question.

    • Sourav S

      Sir here also its written “chosen by the chief Minister” . In other links ( ) they write appointed by state government. Now the confusion is that executive decision is taken in the name of governor. So may be chosen by CM but still appointed under the seal of gov. Sir please clarify.

  • anubhav pathak

    Sir, I think u r right . But I have seen some questions demanding microscopic outlook and some demanding macroscopic outlook. It will all depend on examiner’s view. But this type of difference sometimes create deep confusions.
    Thank you sir!

    • Sourav S

      Yes U r right……

  • siva gayam

    sir, regarding question related to chief secretory, i think its governor who appoints chief secretory as all the orders are passed in the name of governor. even transfer orders of civil servants are issued by order of governor. i think governor makes rules regarding conduct of business in his name. so i think chief minister choose the chief secretory of his choice but technically it would mean chief secretory is appointed by governor.

  • civil

    i am getting 144+ it is last chance for me is there any possibility for qualifiying prelims


      yes, you are qualifying. All the best for Mains.


    sir i want to join for the upcoming prelims june 2017 and also for mains 2017. what course i have to join ..whther joining the integrated course of 16-17 HAS PRELIMS TEST SERIOUS INCLUDED IN IT ??


      Hello Deepak, yes Prelims Test Series 2017 is included in integrated Programme and the same programme will run as Target 2017 as Mains this year