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A money lender finds that due to fall in the annual rate of interest $latex 8\%$ to $latex 7\frac{3}{4}\%&s=1$, his yearly income diminishes by 61.50 Rs. His capital is:
[A]23800 Rs.
[B]26000 Rs.
[C]22400 Rs.
[D]24600 Rs.

24600 Rs.
Difference in rate =
$latex \left ( 8-7\frac{3}{4} \right )\% = \frac{1}{4}\%&s=1$
Let the capital be rate x Rs.
$latex \therefore \frac{1}{4}\% of x = 61.50&s=1$
$latex => x = 61.50\times 100\times 4&s=1$
$latex => 24600 Rs.&s=1$
Hence option [D] is the right answer.

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