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Daily Current Affairs Quiz: August 30-31, 2020

1. Hulhumalé Central Park, that was seen in news recently, is located in which country? [A] Maldives[B] Mauritius[C] Sri Lanka[D] Bangladesh Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Maldives] Notes:Maldives has recently organised the Ground-breaking ceremony for development of the Hulhumalé Central Park and renovation of ‘Arrival Jetty’.The projects are being developed by the Housing Development Corporation ..



Amazon Quiz – 31 August, 2020 (Answers)

1.The Union Ministry of Tourism organised a themed webinar titled ‘Cellular Jail: Letters, Memoirs & Memories’. Where is Cellular Jail? Andaman and Nicobar Islands 2.13th August is marked every year to celebrate what feature common to Leonardo Da Vinci, Amitabh Bachchan and Lewis Carroll? Left handed 3.Which Indian organisation recently organised an ‘online patriotic film ..


UPSC Prelims Mini Mock Test: 542

12345 1). According to the archaeologists, which among the following sites of Indus Valley Civilization was probably abandoned because of an earthquake? Rakhigarhi Dholavira Kalibangan Banawali 2). The blue Mormon, a large swallowtail butterfly, has been declared as the “State butterfly” of which state? Uttarakhand Maharashtra Karnataka Sikkim 3). To contain inflation, what supply side measures should ..


Amazon Quiz – 30 August, 2020 (Answers)

1.Which Indian cricketer along with MS Dhoni announced his retirement from international cricket in August 2020? Suresh Raina 2.August 10 is dedicated to the conservation of which big cat, listed as an endangered species in the IUCN Red List? Lion 3.In terms of Airplanes, _________ is painted orange or bright yellow for easy discovery after ..


UPSC Prelims Mini Mock Test: 541

12345 1). Consider the following statements about International Development Association: It provides interest free loans It provides loans to poorest countries of world India is its largest borrower Which among the above statements is / are correct ? Only 1 Only 1 & 2 Only 2 & 3 All 1, 2 & 3 2). The ..