GKToday Archives: January, 2017

Q+A: NITI Aayog

On 1st January, 2015, the NITI Aayog( National Institution for Transforming India) was created to replace the Planning Commission. Its creation was necessitated by the requirement for a separate Think Tank for the government both in the directional and policy ..

Dynamic Pricing in Indian Railways: Concept & Issues

In the month of September, 2016, the Indian Railways came out with the policy of Dynamic Pricing. Under this policy, the fares of the railway tickets are to increase by 10 per cent after every 10 per cent of berths ..

Powers of the Governor with Special Reference to Article 200

Article 200 of the Indian Constitution deals with the powers of the Governor with regard to  assent given to bills passed by the State legislature and other powers of the Governor such as reserving the bill for the President’s consideration. ..

Demand Driven Versus Supply Driven Development Models

On 11th October, 2016, PM Narendra Modi had called for a demand-driven model of development instead of a previous supply-driven model of development. Understanding Demand Driven Schemes The government schemes can be supply driven {allocation based} and demand driven. In ..

Highlights of Economic Survey 2016-17

Union finance Minister Arun Jaitley tabled the Economic Survey 2016-17 in Parliament budget session. The survey prepared by chief economic adviser in the finance ministry Arvind Subramanian. The survey projects the economy to grow in the range of 6.75% to ..


Bombay Natural History Society launches climate change programme in Central Himalayas

The Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) has launched climate change programme to conduct study to assess the status, distribution and conservation of Pheasants and Finches in Central Himalayas. It is long-term monitoring project funded by Oracle and facilitated by CAF-India. ..