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Quiz 603: General Studies (Current Affairs) for IAS Examination

1. Government of India has decided to go for a comprehensive overhaul of the coastal security architecture after the 26/11 attacks and a blue print was drawn in recent times. Which among the following is/ are elements of this plan? 1. A coastal radar surveillance network 2. A chain of automatic identification system (AIS) 3. […]

Quiz 602: Current Affairs March 6-10, 2012

1. Vladimir Putin has recently become Russia’s president for which among the following terms? [A]First [B]Second [C]Third [D]Fourth Third Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has won the Presidential polls. He secured a record third term in the Kremlin after recording a landslide victory over his four rivals. Exit polls and preliminary results gave him about […]

Quiz 601: Current Affairs – March 1-5, 2012

1. The ultras under the Karbi Peoples’ Liberation Tiger, KPLT are predominantly active in which among the following states? [A]Nagaland [B]Assam [C]Mizoram [D]Manipur Assam Show Answer 2. Which among the following missiles of India has capability of attacking surface targets by flying as low as 10 metres in altitude? [A]Agni IV Prime [B]Prithvi [C]Brahmos [D]Akash […]