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Quiz 445: Current Events and General Awareness Questions

12345678910 1). A village Porunthal came into the news as archeological excavations have established it one of the largest glass bead-manufacturing site in southern India dating back to 2nd century BC to 1st century AD. In which state  Porunthal is located? Karnataka Tamil Nadu Kerala Andhra Pradesh 2). Which among the following citiy is located on the ..


Quiz 444: General Studies All Subjects

12345678910 1). Astapradan was a council of Minister of which among the following ? Gupta Administration Chola Administration Maratha Administration Rajput administration 2). Who among the following was the first writer to use Urdu as a medium of poetic Expression? Amir Khusaru Mirza Ghalib Bahadur Shah Zafar Faiz 3). The motive behind Alauddin Khilji’s Chittor Campaign ..


Quiz 443: General Studies For Public Service Examinations

12345678910 1). “Bengal Desi” is a Hybrid variety of which of the following crops? Jute Cotton Sesame Gram 2). Bring out the only incorrect statement: Maximum Jute Mills in India are in West Bengal Maximum Jute Mills in India are in Cooperative Sector Maximum Wool produced in India is of Carpet Grade Maximum woolen units ..


Quiz 442: General Knoweldge for All Examinations

12345678910 1). At which of the following places water would boil at lowest temperature? Delhi Shimla Kochi Jodhpur 2). Out of the 15 members of the United Nations Security Council, assent of how many is required to make a decision? 5 Permanent & 5 Non-Permanent Members 5 Permanent & 8 Non-Permanent Members 5 Permanent & ..


Quiz 441: GK Questions For All Examinations

12345678910 1). “Kapoori variety of Tobacco” is found in which of the following states of India? Bihar Madhya Pradesh Andhra Pradesh Uttar Pradesh 2). Historic region of Transylvania is located at? Hungary Romania Ukraine Serbia 3). Consider the following statements:  Holders of the Bharat Ratna decoration find a place higher than Judges of Supreme Court ..


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