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Quiz 445: Current Events and General Awareness

1.Year 2011 has been officially designated by the United Nations as which one of the following?(A)International Year of Biotechnology(B)International Year of Space Science(C)International Year of Chemistry(D)International Year of Physics2.The Transits of Venus are one of the rarest of predictable astronomical phenomena and currently occur in a pattern that repeats every 243 years with pairs of […]

Quiz 444: General Studies All Subjects

1.Astapradan was a council of Minister of which among the following ?(A)Gupta Administration(B)Chola Administration(C)Maratha Administration(D)Rajput administration2.Who among the following was the first writer to use Urdu as a medium of poetic Expression?(A)Amir Khusaru(B)Mirza Ghalib(C)Bahadur Shah Zafar(D)Faiz 3.Consider the following: Assertion(A) : The battle of Khanwa was certainly more decisive and significant than the first Battle […]

Quiz 443 : General Studies For Public Service Examinations

1.”Bengal Desi” is a Hybrid variety of which of the following crops?(A)Jute(B)Cotton(C)Seasame(D)Gram2.Bring out the only incorrect statement:(A)Maximum Jute Mills in India are in West Bengal(B)Maximum Jute Mills in India are in Cooperative Sector(C)Maximum Wool produced in India is of Carpet Grade(D)Maximum woolen units in decentralized sector in India are in Punjab3.Under which of the following […]

Quiz 442: General Knoweldge for All Examinations

1.Out of the 15 members of the United Nations Security Council, assent of how many is required to make a decision?(A)5 Permanent & 5 Non-Permanent Members(B)5 Permanent & 8 Non-Permanent Members(C)5 Permanent & 4 Non-Permanent Members(D)5 Permanent & 2 Non-Permanent Members2.Who among the following is the chairman of the High Level Committee (HLC) to look […]

Quiz 441: Current Affairs For All Examinations

1.Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will be India’s chief Guest at the Republic Day 2011. He is president of which of the following countries?(A)Malaysia(B)Indonesia(C)Singapore(D)Vietnam2.Vitali Klitschko is related to which of the following sports?(A)Golf(B)Boxing(C)WWF Wrestling(D)Athletics3.Which among the following is number 1 brand of India has per the recent Economic Times Brand Equity Survey 2010 ?(A)Nokia Mobile Phones(B)Colgate(C)Lux(D)Dettol4.Which of […]

Quiz 440: General Knoweldge For All Examinations

1.Which among the following Mughal Emperor was also known as “Ali Gauhar”?(A)Bahadur Shah Zafar(B)Shah Aalam II(C)Muhammad shah(D)Aurangzeb2.Consider the following statements: 1. Finance bills of the second class don’t involve expenditure from Consolidated Fund of India2. Finance bills of the second class can be introduced without prior permission of President of IndiaWhich among the following is […]

Quiz 439: General Studies

1.Which among the following is the correct distance from the coast is known as Territorial waters?(A)20 Nautical Miles(B)30 Nautical Miles(C)12 Nautical Miles(D)15 Nautical Miles 2.The concept of Judicial Review in the Constitution of India is borrowed from which of the following?(A)USSR(B)USA(C)Japan(D)Switzerland 3.The Constitution of India gives a right to audience in all courts of India, […]

Quiz 438: General Awareness for Banking Examinations

1.In September 2010, Reserve Bank of India cancelled the license of Anyonya Co-operative Bank Ltd, India’s oldest co-operative bank. Where this co-operative bank was established in 1889?(A)Mumbai(B)Vadodara(C)Bhopal(D)Lucknow 2.As per the announcement made in the Annual Policy Statement 2010-11, The Reserve Bank of India has constituted an Expert Committee for studying the advisability of granting new […]

Quiz 437: General Studies for UPSC Civil Services Examination

1.Consider the following: 1. Indian Institute of Management 2. Indian Institute of Technology 3. Indian Institute of Information Technology 4. Indian Institute of Handloom TechnologyIn which of the following states, all of above are located?(A)West Bengal(B)Tamil Nadu(C)Uttar Pradesh(D)Madhya Pradesh 2.Tangaliya shawl , a unique weaving style has been given GI (Geographical Indications) recognition by the […]

Quiz 436: General Knowledge & Current Affairs For All Examinations

1.In which year Indian Railway was nationalized?(A)1950(B)1951(C)1956(D)1955 2.Which among the following is the “Current ” TOP IT software and services exporter in India ?(A)TCS(B)Infosys(C)Wipro(D)HCL Technologies 3.Which among the following sector uses maximum commercial energy in India?(A)Household sector(B)Agriculture(C)Industries(D)Transport 4.What is the current number of High Courts in India?(A)17(B)18(C)21(D)22 5.Konkan Railway Corporation (KR) was formed on July […]