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Quiz 304 : Finance Business & Economy Current Affairs

1.Which among the following regulates housing finance companies in India ?(A)Reserve Bank of India(B)National Housing Bank(C)Housing Development Finance Corporation(D)Housing and Development Boards(E)None of them 2.Which of the following public sector bank in India is now a days drawing a blueprint for reconstruction termed as NavNirman II which is the second phase of its restructuring with […]

Quiz 303 : General Knowledge For All Examinations

1.Which among the following is a common industry in Bhadravati (Karnataka) , Churk (Uttar Pradesh), Dalmianagar (Bihar), Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh), Okha (Gujarat), Sawai Madhopur (Rajasthan) & Surajpur (Punjab)?(A)Automobile(B)Cotton Textiles(C)Cycles(D)Cement(E)Fertilizers 2.For which of the following ores Baba Budan Hills in South India are famous?(A)Iron(B)Aluminum(C)Silver(D)Zinc(E)Cadmium 3.Which among the following is not correctly matched?(A)Firozabad (UP) – Glass Bangles(B)Bhagalpur […]

Prep Quiz 5

What is Guzerat ? What is the concept of Carbon Trading? What is Climate Change Finance? When was started the Command Area Development & Water Management Programme? In which country is located Uranium City ? What is Consumer Purchasing Dynamics? What is TIFAC? What is ANTU in context with pest control? What is Oxygen debt? […]

Quiz 302 : Current Affairs For Bank, Civil Services, State Public Services and All Other Examinations

1.Poverty and Un-British Rule in India by Dadabhai Naoroji, was the original classic work on poverty in India. In which year this work was published?(A)1897(B)1901(C)1905(D)1908(E)1910 2.Which of the following Ministry of Government of India has launched a scheme named as ‘, STICKY, CAPTION, ‘More Details’);” onmouseout=”return nd();”>PEAIS?(A)Ministry of New & Renewable Energy(B)Ministry of Panchayati Raj(C)Ministry […]

Prep Quiz 4

1. Who has written Saket? saket is a work of Rastriya Kavi Maithilisharan Gupta. Literally saket means ayodhya and the story of saket is centered around Urmila the wife of Laxaman. Other works of Maithilisharan Gupta are Saraswati, Rang Mein Bhang, Bharat Bharti. The poems of this poet were full of nationalism and became a […]

Quiz 301 : Indian History For Civil Services Examinations

1.Consider the following statements regarding Policy of Sulahkul ? 1. Sulahkul means Universal Tolerance2. The policy of Sulahkul was state principle of Akbar3. Din-i-ilahi was a result of the policy of Sulahkul only Which among the above statements are correct?(A)1 only(B)1 & 2 only(C)1 & 3 only(D)2 & 3 only(E)all 1,2 & 3 2.The age […]

Quiz 300: Financial & Economic Awareness for All Examinations

1.Since 1st April, 2008, the pension contributions of Central Government employees are being covered by the New Pension System (NPS). Which among the following was the first public sector entity to join NPS?(A)Bharat Gold Mines Ltd(B)Hindustan Zinc Ltd(C)National Aluminum Company(D)Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd(E)Indian Oil Corporation 2.A large private bank has a Capital Adequacy Ratio of […]

Quiz 299 : Indian Polity & Constitution for Civil Services, State Public Services & Judicial Services Examinations

1.In which year the practice of presenting the railway budget separate from the general budget (or vice versa in true sense) started in India?(A)1924(B)1936(C)1948(D)1962(E)1949 2.Which of the following were envisaged in the 74th Constitutional Amendment Bill?(A)Constitution and Composition of a municipality(B)Personnel system in a Municipality(C)Relations between elected members (executive) of a municipality and bureaucracy(D)All of […]

Prep Quiz 3

1. What is Satyam Case? On December 16 last year, Satyam Computers, which has been re branded Mahindra Satyam, held a board meeting at which it proposed to pump just under Rs 8,000 crore (Rs 80 billion) properties and Maytas Infra, controlled by the same promoter group as Satyam, in exchange for controlling equity. The […]

Quiz 298: Current Affairs : Finance, Business & Economy of India

1.After the recently concluded free trade agreement between India & ASEAN, now there are talks going on on proposed regional trade agreement in services and investment for which India is also said to be pushing for an early conclusion of the proposed agreement as per recent reports published in newspapers. Consider the following in this […]