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Quiz 225: General Awareness for Civil Services Examination

1. Which of the following is a Gymnosperm? [A] Cashew[B] Chilgoza[C] Pistachio[D] None of the above Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Chilgoza] 2. Artificial Kidney or blood dailyzer which is used in renal failure or Kidney disorders works on the principles of _________? [A] Imbibition & Osmosis[B] Plasmolysis & Osmosis[C] Diffusion & osmosis[D] Diffusion only ..

Quiz 224: India’s Finance & Money Market Awareness

1. Which among the following was set up by RBI in 1988 jointly with public sector banks and all India Financial Institutions to develop the money market & provide liquidity to money market instruments as sequel to Vaghul Working Group recommendations? [A] Discount And Finance House of India Ltd (DFHI)[B] Central Depository Services (India) Limited ..

Quiz 223: Indian History for State Level PSC Examinations

1. Who among the following assumed the title of ” Mahendraditya”? [A] Chandra Gupta II[B] Kumaragupta I[C] Bhanugupta[D] Samudragupta Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Kumaragupta I] 2. Which among the following is Not true about C. Rajagopalachari? [A] He served as Last Governor-General of India[B] He served as the Premier of the Bombay Presidency[C] He ..

Quiz 222: General Studies for UPSC Examinations

1. In which of the following diseases , nerve cells are affected? [A] Tetanus[B] Polio[C] Whooping Cough[D] Diphtheria Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Polio] 2. The cork cells are impervious to water. Which among the following is responsible to give this quality to Cork? [A] Cellulose[B] Cutin[C] Suberin[D] Glucose Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Suberin] ..

Print Version and Hints :Quiz 269

1.In which of the following fields Tyeb Mehta was known for ?(A)Science & Technology(B)Painting(C)Indian Classical Music(D)Architecture(E)JournalismAnswer..PaintingHints:Tyeb Mehta was a noted Indian painter who died in July 2009. He received Padmabhushan in 2007.His famous works are Kali and Celebration. Celebration’ was sold for a whopping Rs. 1.5 crores. In 2005, his picture ‘Kali’ was sold for ..

Quiz 221: General Knowledge for All Examinations

1. The highest peak in the Western Ghats in India, highest point in South India, and also the highest point in India outside the Himalaya-Karakoram system is _________? [A] Anamudi, Kerala[B] Cardamom Hills, Kerala[C] Agastya Mala, Kerala[D] Sahaydri Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Anamudi, Kerala] 2. Shale is an example of ? [A] Igneous Rock[B] ..

Quiz 220: General Studies for Civil Services Examination

1. Which among the following is not correctly matched? [A] Malleus – Middle Ear Bone[B] Maxilla – Cranial Bone[C] Lunate Carpal Bon[D] All are corrrect Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Maxilla – Cranial Bone] Notes:Maxilla is a Facial Bone 2. Which among the following is not correctly Matched? [A] Wife of prophet Mohammed – Khadija[B] ..

Quiz 219: GK for RPSC, BPSC and UPPSC Examinations

1. Algebra was invented by which of the following Ancient Indian Mathematicians? [A] Bhaskara[B] Aryabhatta[C] Medhatithi[D] None of the above Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Aryabhatta] 2. Which of the following Governor Generals was impeached for charges of corruption? [A] Earl Cornwallis[B] Warren Hastings[C] Lord Mayo[D] Lord Minto Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Warren Hastings] ..