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Published Date: 10.5.2016

GKToday is looking for  Senior Content Writer(s) for assisting the admin in writing the model answers of Civil Services Mains answer writing practice questions / Mains Test Series for our Integrated IAS General Studies programme students.

About Integrated IAS General Studies

The Integrated IAS General studies programme had started in September 2015 and is a continuous programme covering Civil Services exams of multiple years from 2016 onward. This programme currently provides material support to students enrolled in the course. It would also include Mains Test Series from year 2016 onward.

Desired Qualifications

The ideal candidate for this job:

  • Must have appeared in UPSC Mains examination at least once.
  • Must have very good understanding of the issues of the day, basic background knowledge of all static general studies subjects and good written English.

Further, the candidate should NOT be in the UPSC race currently. The work is not suitable for students preparing themselves for this examination. We are looking for the persons, who had all the calibre to be selected by UPSC but somehow fate denied them a place in the coveted list and currently looking for some opportunity within the payment scale offered in this post.

We believe that writing for your own preparation and writing content for other students (as a teacher) are two fundamentally different things. Due to this belief, GKToday does not include aspirants / students in its small team. If you are currently preparing for UPSC examination, we request you to not to respond to this post; and pay full attention to achieve your goal.


For selected candidate(s), the initial payment is fixed at Rs. 30,000/- per month.

Job Details

Your main work will be to assist the admin in writing explanations and answers {within the prescribed word limit} for the questions sent to you with instructions. Occasionally, you may be asked to write other content also. The work is to be done from your own place wherever you are. However, it’s a full time job and you need to justify your work by giving it proper time and dedication. Joining this job as free-lancing or side-business would not be a good idea and would not be sustainable.

You will need to create proper work environment at your side. Further, you should also be ready for temporary relocation as and when required. {relocation not required for female team members in any circumstances}

How to apply?

Kindly attempt the following questions and prepare their answers {more than one version if applicable} of the below given questions and send them as MS Word file to along with your CV with contact details.

  1. “If the demand for partition was unjustified, so was conceding it.” To what extent do you agree with this view? Do you think that partition should have been avoided by paying price of few more years under British rule? Argue.
  2. Compare the social and political impacts of fifth and sixth schedule of Constitution under which tribal areas of India are governed. Why there have been demands to move some fifth schedule areas to sixth schedule?
  3. “The business of the government should be public infrastructure and not public companies.” Examine the statement in the light of disinvestment policy of the Government of India.
  4. The Adjudication Authority on matters related to disqualification of MPs/MLAs is the Presiding Officer, who is usually a member of the ruling party. Do you think this provision of Anti-defection law is justified? While giving your arguments, discuss if an external neutral body such as the Election Commission would have been a better option for this task.
  5. How ethics is related to notion of responsibility and accountability? As a public servant, how would you differentiate between the two? Explain.
Word Limit:

The answers should be within 200 words {excluding a, an, the, to, of etc.}. If you want to provide additional knowledge / background, put it separately.

Further Process

If found suitable, we shall contact you and may also ask you to write some more content before selecting you as a part of our small team. However, you are also requested to not to follow up via phone / email regarding status of your application.