Union Budget 2010-11

India’s finance minister Pranab Mukherjee unveiled the Union Budget 2010-11 on Friday, February 26, 2010.
Budget is not just a statement of Government accounts, but it reflects the Government’s vision and indicates the policy of the government, which decides the path of the economy for the future.
In this post the budget has been discussed at a length. The author tried to clear all the fundamentals of the budget, which every person should know and understand. The author has started this discussion from the constitutional position of the budget to all aspects and tries to cover almost all topics of the budget with special emphasis on development programmes as well as covering almost all sectors of the Economy of India.
While going through the speech and other budget documents:

  1. We can analyze that the Government wishes to bring the economy back to the growth rate of 9% on which it was a few years back.
  2. We also come to know that Government has tried to mold its fiscal policy in tune with the recommendations of the 13th Finance Commission.
  3. We can also see that a large chunk of expenditure is going to the Social Sector of our economy.
  4. The budget also introduced some new schemes, Budget tried for fiscal consolidation and Govt. is coming back to the disinvestment agenda.

We can hear the voices of opposition regarding a cut motion they wish to bring, after the base excise tax on the petrol and diesel was raised.
Millions of words have been uttered in the media, and millions will more be uttered, but here, we have tried to bring out all those things which might be helpful for you to understand the basics as well as note & learn those points which may be useful for all examinations. Each Post has been linked to another so, that it does not confuse you while going through these pages.

  1. Indirect and Direct tax proposals (To be updated )
  2. States Plan in Budget 2010-11 (To be updated)
  3. Defense in Budget (To be updated)
  4. Overall analysis of Budget
  5. List of India’s Development Programmes