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Union Budget 2010-11: Plan Expenditures

The expenditures of the government are kept in two separate headings viz. plan expenditures and nonplan expenditures.
What are plan expenditures?
The plan expenditures are expenditures or outlay of the government on various schemes and programmes which are formulated under the 5 years plans and other plans of various ministries. Plan expenditures of the government include revenue expenditure and capital expenditure. In overall, the money is spent on 3 types of plans viz.
  1. Central plan: Schemes and programmes which are under the direct control of Central Government for example. NREGA which is now MNREGA and other flagship programmes.
  2. Central Assistance for State & Union Territory Plans: The plans which are run by the state governments with the assistance of central government. Some examples are Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission & Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP).
  3. Union Territory plans : They include the programmes run by UT administration under the Union Government.

Please have a look on the highlighted rows of the following table:
In the above table we can see that Government of India projects to spend Rs. 230881 Crore in Revenue Expenditures and Rs. 49719 Crore in Capital Expenditures under the central plan outlays. These two amount in total are called Total Budgetary Support for central Plan, which comes out to be Rs. 280600 Crores.
Apart from this Government will also spend Rs. 243884 Crores through Internal and Extra Budgetary Resources of Public enterprises etc. In Total , Govt. has a Total Central plan Outlay of Rs. 524484 Crore Rupees. Last year this amount was Rs. 447921 crores (budget estimates ) and Rs. 425590 (revised estimates).

  • This year the growth in the plan expenditures is Rs. 98894 Crores more than the revised estimates of2009-10. The growth is more than 23%.

This money will be spent on various programmes and on all sectors of our economy as follows:

We see in the above estimates that

  • Energy Sector draws maximum expenditure from the central plan outlay.
  • Next comes social services with Rs. 127, 570 Crore Rupees.

So, we now know that in all the Government has projected to spend Rs. 524484 Crores on various programmes under the Central Plan Expenditures.

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Last Updated: January 31, 2012


  1. Anonymous says:

    sir is it mandatory 2 remember all these figures in crores i feel bit uncomfortable in this aspect :(


  2. Admin says:

    No Need to cram all figures. Just remember the basic's like GDP, Growth, Revenue & Fiscal deficit. and outlays on important schemes