September 19, 2015

Cultivation and Export of Basmati Rice from India

Basmati Rice verities give aroma pleasant flavour after cooking. Indian basmati rice is known for its extra-long superfine slender grains with a length to breadth ratio of more than 3.5. It is most preferred especially for Biryani and Pulao preparation…

September 19, 2015

GI Protected Rice Varieties of India

The major GI Protected varieties of India are as follows: Navara Rice (Kerala) This rice variety is grown in Kerala and its cultivation. Palakkad in Kerala is the main land of Navara rice. This rice variety has not only nutritional…

September 19, 2015

Important Facts About Rice Production in India

Rice (Oryza sativa), a member of grass family (Poaceae) is a tropical plant associated with the wet and humid climate.  It is an important staple food crop for more than 60 per cent of the world people. Important Facts about…