Inland Water Transport in India and National Waterways

November 8, 2015

India draws a substantial network in terms of inland waterways in the form of rivers, canals, backwaters and creeks. India’s total navigable length is 14,500 km out of which about 5200 km of river and 4000 km of canals can be used by mechanised crafts. Freight transportation...

Corporatization of Ports

November 8, 2015

At present, all major ports except Ennore are run by the Port Trusts under the Major Port Trusts Act, 1963. Ennore, which opened in 2001, is run as a company under India’s Companies Act. The concrete proposal to corporatize ports and bring them under the purview of...

Sagarmala Project

November 8, 2015

The key objective of Sagarmala project develop port infrastructure in India that results in quick, efficient and cost-effective transport to and from ports. It also includes establishment of rail / road linkages with the port terminals, thus providing last mile connectivity to ports; development of linkages with...

Major Ports of India

November 8, 2015

India has a total 13 major ports and 200  notified minor and intermediate ports. Ports play vital role in the overall economic development. About 95 per cent by volume and 70 per cent by value of the India’s international trade is carried on through maritime transport. Major...

Maritime Agenda 2010-20

November 8, 2013

In 2011, the Government of India had launched the lofty Maritime Agenda, a perspective plan of the Shipping Ministry for the present decade. The Maritime Agenda projects a total traffic of 2494.95 million tonnes for all major and non-major ports taken together and a capacity of 3280.04...