Modi Government and Agriculture

September 13, 2015

To rev up agriculture on a higher growth trajectory one needs to have a clear vision and undertake major initiatives. This can be a sign of true inclusive growth. The government initiative in favour of farmers is apparently lacking. Among the many mass slogans given and programmes...

Administrative reforms which should precede GST implementation

September 13, 2015

NDA government has ushered in an era of hope in the country. Indian economic outlook bypasses that of the world by approximately 3 percent. The reforms which have been initiated by the government have put India on a sustainable growth path. This is also reflected in  the...

On Modi Government

September 13, 2015

The government has steered a lot of activity and pumped in a lot of energy in the systems. However, it has not come without its own set of uncertainties. Restore Institutional Credibility The government has shown lack of onus and defence of its own policy approaches in...

Undue Haste on Land Ordinace

January 13, 2015

A government’s intentions are better understood and justified if the changes introduced are done via a bill than the ordinance route. It is wise and reasonable for any government to carefully study the implications of implementation to be able to justify any possible amendments. Undue haste: An...